Saturday, 27 September 2008

Part 2

I found a photo from last year when I had done a big rearrangement in my craftcorner. I can't believe it ever looked like that! Mostly it looks like it does on the other photo. Well, mostly it looks worse because I can't even see the table, just a bunch of papers stacked on eachother :D

And the winner is...

I was walking over to my craftcorner today and I thought to myself:
if there would ever be an award for the most organized mess I would win gold medal. Or do you think you can top that? Have in mind that this is when I've cleaned, lol.
I always admire those of you who have matching furniture with little cupboards, shelves etc. It looks so neat and professional. Everything has its place. I'm trying to keep it that way, but it's not that easy. Some of my favorites are Coni's workspace and Inka's. You come over girls and pimp my scrapbookplace, lol.

Birthday card

My "little" cousin turned 18 last week and I wanted to send him a card that was especially made for him and that conveyed happiness. I didn't think I was going to make it because I had gotten in a rut where I just glued colored in pictures to a card. But I found some scraps of these matching papers that I just adored! They are so colorful and uplifting that the card made itself. I even used my new prima flowers. Yikes! Never done that before. I'm not used to using patterned papers like that either. I'm becoming like everyone else with no style of my own :D But if the result looks like this I guess I can live with that.

Stamp from Penny Black, papers from Heidi Grace designs. I got them at a sale. Wish I would've bought more of them.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I found this amazing background page to make my blog look a little nicer. I have even started to make my own banner from a photo I took last spring. I know some things are not working, but I'm on it :)
Meanwhile you can visit my old blog or (hopefully) see some of my creations on the slideshow to the right.

Feel free to comment. It's nice to know who's lurking in the shadows...