Friday, 13 March 2009

Post # 200 and my b-day!

Today, at exactly this time, a couple of years ago ;) I was born. I'm celebrating my birthday and 200! I'm celebrating big, already started on my cake yesterday evening and now for breakfast :)

The weather here is horrible, it snow/rained yesterday. Today is just grey and wet, yuck! I shouldn't complain though, because 2 weeks ago I celebrated early with a trip to Barcelona. These are some of the amazing things I saw:

More pics later, now I'm off to town.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The paperfreak challenge and ROP

thepaperfreak had a challenge today in order to win her blogcandy. The challenge was to use at least 4 different colours. I started out with the yellow patterned paper. It doesn't show that well, but the flowers are in many different colours which I used when colouring the image.

I also used a sketch from this week's challenge on roses on paper. Not the masterpiece I thought it would be, but it was fun trying the sketch :)

Monday, 9 March 2009

hÄnglar stamps sale for charity

The sale is closed. Thanks everone for making offers!

Ok, so I have finally taken some time to fix the hÄnglar sale I promised earlier.
The main reason I'm offering the stamps is because I know they are very popular, but impossible to get for you outside of Sweden or Norway. I know how it is to want a stamp but not being able to get it. I'm selling 7 of the ones I have. I'm not that fond of them and I'm sure they can find better homes where they can feel ink more often than here, lol.

I hope this will work and that I have written all the info you need.

The starting bid is $5 for each stamp. I thought it might be easier for everyone to count in dollars. Everything that is above this amount will go to a charityorganization of my choice. In the past I have been donating to a dachshund rescue, but this time I'm leaning towards an organization that saves the reefs. As some of you know I took a scubacertificate this summer to celebrate my fiancées 30:th birthday (we calebrated his birthday on 30 meters depth) It was such an amazing experience and it opened up my eyes that the reefs might not be around by the time I want to see them (especially the great barrier reef outside of Australia that I want to go to so much)

I will accept paypal, so it will be fast and easy.

Shipping will be extra (around $2-4, depending on how many stamps you win). I will not be held resposible for any damages or if the packages get lost. I will however pack them very tightly, put tape around them so they don't break etc. I will do my best to ensure that the packages are in prefect condition to ship to you.

Here's how it works:

Every stamp has their own post. You can find all the links below. You put a bid on each stamp by their own post. I will have to approve your comment, so don't panic if it doesn't show up straight away. I will see if I can open up the comments without having to approve them, but not sure how. If anyone knows how I can do that for just these posts, let me know. Please leave your e-mail if I can't contact you through your blog. At the end of the auction I will write here who won what and also mail the winners. Please don't bid if you live in Sweden or Norway since you can buy these stamps. I want the people who can't get them to have a chance of having their own hÄngel. Thanks.

I'm thinking that the auction will end 9:th of march 11.59pm my time (GMT+1) You can see a clock with my time on the sidebar to the right). I think that will give everyone time to leave an offer.


girl with heartkey
boy with heartlock
standing girl
girl sitting
boy with scarf
girl on cloud
boy on cloud

I might add another stamp if I can find it, so check back before the end of the auction.

If you have any questions or I have forgotten to add anything please leave a comment here. Please don't leave any questions on the stamppost, only offers.

Ok, I hope this will be fun. I had so much fun with my blogcandy I wanted to do something "bigger". I'm so happy to be able to offer these stamps to the ones that like them.
Good luck with your bidding!

Some of the sights "down under". Click on the image to get a bigger view.

These are my private pictures and may not be used without my approval.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Luxury bath anyone?

C'est la vie is having a blogcandy with luxurious bathproducts from Nougat London. They are doing this to celebrate 20,000 hits. If you're not lucky enough to win you can always go to the shop and get your own set.

Here's what the yummy candy looks like:

It consists of:
100 ml showergel
a big glassbottle (500ml) nourishing bath velvet and
100 ml Sparkling Body Shimmer

To be in it to win it you need to write about the candy and link the image of the shop and answer this question:

Which two scents does Nougat London's products have (in their store)?

If you don't have a blog, but would like to participate you can mail your answer to:

The candy ends march 10:th at 8am EST (I have a clock on the sidebar with the right time)

It doesn't say if it's limited to swedish participants only, so you go for it!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed...I love taking baths :)

HM challenge #27 and colour create

I almost missed this week's chellenge on the house mouse challenge blog because I've been so busy with everything else. I'm trying to finish my easter swap project and I've noticed how much fun it is to sew the Tilda stuff from my new book I got for Valentine's.

This week's challenge was to use chipboard and I don't have much, but I remembered I had a little box of chipboards from K&Co. I found the perfect little piece where it says "bloom". I also decided to use the colours orange, yellow and green that was on colour create. I thought it worked out great with this stamped image. I decided to cut it out with one of my CB tags because a part of the stamped image was blurry. This way I could use the image, even if it wasn't perfect allover :)

I'm quite happy today because we managed to put up two decorative shelves for my small items by my corner. It was quite a project because our walls are crooked and I don't quite know what they are made of. It's like concrete and then when you drill through the first layer it starts crumbling, almost like there are pebbles behind. But after 3 different packs of screws, 2 different packs of those plastic plugs and a whooole lot of stress and measuring (not to mention weeks of delaying and 2 days of actual setting them up) we finished. Are you surprised I avoid anything that has to with drilling in this apartment? LOL ...Yeah, it's fun now, but it wasn't earlier.
I'll show you pics later of how it turned out. For now I'm happy I made a card, haven't really felt like it lately. Slightly different and not at all like everyone else's. For the first time that doesn't bother me :)

Tomorrow I will close the hÄnglar charity sale. Some of the stamps haven't even gotten any bids. You can find a link to the right if you're interested.