Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Whiff of joy release

Have you heard about the new release from Whiff of joy? It's called "Women's delight" and has beautiful wedding, pregnancy and motherhood stamps. They are all designed by the very talented Elisabeth Bell, so if you like her style, you're going to love these!

The new collection will be released on june 14:th in the Whiff of joy shop.

Notepad holder

While bloghopping today I found a blog called Magnolia-licious highlites. They had a great challenge - making a post-it holder. I have a bunch of those cheap yellow ones and let's be honest: they are really ugly, but I've never thought about sprucing them up before. Deadlines work really well for me so I started straight away.

I had this beautiful image of Tilda already coloured in. My friend sent me some images stamped on watermark (aquarell) paper. I used my tombows and a waterbrush. I was very satisfied with the result and wanted to use the image on something special. So when I came across this challenge I knew I wanted to use her!

I've added glitterglue on the flowers she's holding - not sure if it shows. I like the way the flowers hang freely since I didn't glue them on properly. The scalloped ring she's sitting on is from my new nesties. I also embossed the ring with a cuttlebug folder.

If you want to give it a go, here's the tutorial:

I've been seewing a lot today and I managed to put up some new items in my etsyshop. Do you like them?
Here are the two fabrics I've been playing around with today. I'm just in love with them!
I should be done with the project soon so come back and check it out.

Friday, 12 June 2009

New items on etsy

I'm trying to kick myself in the behind and upload some of the things I have made lately. It would be so much fun to sell something I have made. I have sold one thing through etsy and I remember how happy I was that a stranger not only liked something I made but actually wanted to pay for it, lol.

If you have any tips or feedback for me I would love to hear it. I promise I won't get offended (as long as it's constructive ;)

It's hard to decide how much the items should cost, but I'm taking material costs+ some for the work and idea. I'm also making sure it's not overpriced. I try to think what an item like that costs in the shop (although it's not handmade) and would I pay those prices myself? I'm not trying to get wealthy here, I would just love if someone liked my stuff.

I'm trying to take as good pics as possible so it looks somewhat professional. I'm planning to put up sewn dolls, jewelry, altered albums, cards and other sewn things. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Here are some other things I'll be uploading as soon as they're finished. I need to go to the sewingstore and get some supplies. Let me know what you think :)

I need a snap for this bag and a way to finish off the ribbon/cord. Right now I'm using it for my unfinished sewing projects. It measures about 10x15"

Woolen bunny heart. This one is totally finished.

Need a closing for this one too - a make-up bag. Isn't it adorable?

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Two challenges in one card

The other new challenge blog I have found is called stampin for the weekend. They had a colour combo called "from dusk to dawn" (purple and yellow) as their first challenge. I got a bit confused because they wrote: "Not a normal color scheme you see."
I thought purple and yellow was a typical easter combo? Like green and red for Christmas.

Confused or not I decided to go with one of my new easter Magnolias and the paper I bought for my cousin's graduation card that I didn't use in the end. It has both purple and yellow in it so I thought it would turn out great.

I also decided to jump on another challenge called just Magnolia. They had a great sketch this week. I haven't joined them before since I haven't had any Magnolias until recently. Now that I have a couple and like to play with them I wanted to join. Who knows what stamp/stampline I'll favourise next week, lol.

Promarkers used:

ivory (face)
ice grey1 (hair)
amethyst and aubergine (dress)
blue pearl (socks and lace)
apple green and blender (neckline on dress)

Yellow cardstock embossed with my cuttlebug. Text printed on the computer.
Great tip: I use different fonts that I've downloaded for free from dafont. This way I can write anything I want in any size with many different fonts.

The Tilda dress is not paperpieced - it's just coloured :) Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my colouring skills. They make me very happy!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Trimmies craft challenge

I have found two new challenge blogs. One of them is called Trimmies craft challenge and this is the third week.

The challenge was 2 challenges in one card:

Fathers Day or male card and colour combo blue/brown.

I thought it would be really hard since blue and especially brown is not really my cup of tea (or coffee, lol). But the card made itself. I used my newly bought Magnolia (one of the four). I coloured in the image with my promarkers yesterday and finished the rest today. I just cut and folded and this is how it turned out:

The colours used:

ivory (face)
blue pearl, cornflower and china blue (blues)
raw sienna, cinnamon, cocoa (browns)

The hearts are cut out from a patterned paper. Snip, snip, ink, ink and voilá. I have a card for my sweetie :)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Over 30 followers!

Hi everyone.

I'm back from my cousin's graduation. It was very nice to be there and he apreciated it a lot. It differs 10 years between us and it was so much fun to see him start out his life.

I will put up the card I made in the following days. Right now I am so busy with playing a game that I've been waiting for since february. They finally released it friday. Woohooo. For those of you who are interested: it's called Aveyond 3 (the first two games are wonderful) and you can get them from amaranth games.

I also noticed I now have over 30 followers!!! I had 30 a couple of weeks ago and then it went down to 29 again. But now I have 32! Thank you soooo much for following my blog. It keeps me motivated to craft and to make new posts.

Last week I got 4 new Magnolia stamps on sale so I feel eager to play with them now that I've made my cousin's card.

I'm planning to celebrate being published with a big candy, but have to look through my stash and get myself together, lol. So for now enjoy the rest of the blog (if you're new), check out the candybar to the right and make sure to come back.