Saturday, 17 January 2009

Prize and award rain over me

I need to tell you about some wonderful things that have been going on lately.
A couple of days ago I found out that I'm one of the winners on the simonsaysstamp blog. I won the no9 prize - Penny Black's new clearstamp set "hugs" and also "bubbly"!

Before Christmas I entered a jewelrycontest in my local store that sells beads and such. I won one of the prizes and got a giftcertificate to their shop! I'm so happy about that because their beads are quite expensive and I shop there quite seldom. I will show you the bracelet I won with when I get it back and have a chance to photograph it. I'm very proud of it. It's different, but not sure how wearable. Maybe if I made a necklace in the same design it would be better.

I also recently found out I got picked as a winner on the housemouse challenge blog! I was so happy because the prize was a HM stamp I've been wanting forever. But since it's a winter/Christmas stamp I never got around to buying it. So it will be my first Christmas house mouse. Oh, I'm sooo happy. Couldn't get a better prize!

The other day I got my loot from the 50% sale at scrapaddicted. I got so happy because when I made the order I had put in a bunnystamp from Rachelle Ann Miller in my shoppingbasket, but when I shopped around a while and looked again on the stamppage (to see if I should get some more of those stamps) the bunny was gone. The strange thing was that when things were out their photos were still up, but you couldn't put them in your basket, but this bunny was just gone, the photo, everything. But it was still in my basket, so I let it be and it came in the mail! I'm so happy about that. It's my first RAM stamp (I also got another one, so now I have two). I'm working on a card so hopefully I will it show it to you later today or tomorrow. The only thing I didn't get was a few promarkers and a qk bunny die, which was fine by me. I got what I wanted the most and was very happy with the order.

And last, but definately not least, I got my first two awards! I can't believe I got them. Thank you so much Louise for nominating me. AND I now have 17 followers. Can you believe it?!

I need to tell you 5 things I'm addicted to and nominate 5 people to recieve the award. I'm spreading my awards throughout the world:

Coni - love her style and everything she does. She's a great mail-friend too.
Cath has a blog in french and my french is waaay too rusty, but she has a lot of pics and her things are just amazing! She makes a lot of mini-albums that I would love to make myself.
Nicole makes some awesome cards almost ever day. She's great in using the high-hopes stamps.
Camilla is great in designing shabby chic/Victorian cards - you know those with lace, pearls and a million details. She has an amazing coloring skill too.
Anita makes insane hÄnglar cards. Just check her blog and be amazed.

Ok, so now for 5 things I'm addicted to: my love, pretty things (papers, ribbons etc.), shiny things like jewelry, the internet (and computer in general), traveling.

I have recently started bloghopping around on some sewing blogs. I came across this secret easter swap where you're supposed to make something for someone (without them knowing) and then you get something handmade in the mail from someone else. I'm very tempted to join, but a little scared that I won't make it. I don't like sewing that much because it seldom turns out the way I want it to and my sewingmachine and I aren't always best buddies. But imagine getting something that someone has spent hours on from somewhere across the world and doing the same for them. I'm more and more tempted every day to join, besides I have found a lot of patterns I'd like to try and buying pretty fabrics is just as fun as buying pretty papers ;)

Friday, 16 January 2009

My new Magnolia!

Today I impulse-bought a new Magnolia, my second one. She was 50% off and not typically Christmas, so how could I resist? I also accidentally bought some more papers (not sure why since I have a hard time using them with my cards), lol. For the first time ever I started with choosing the paper and THEN I colored in the image. Usually I color in an image and then can't find anything to match. Anyhow, I am so so happy with the coloring of my image and the paper is so gorgeous. But then the problems came one after another and my distress look (that I do NOT know how to do) got worse and worse. Here's what I managed to salvage. I thought the sketch would be easy, but I'm just not a distressed kind of girl. I guess if I had gone for pastels or pinks I might have done better (or at least I wouldn't have to excuse myself, lol)
I really need help with this card. What's wrong with it? I thought about putting the text futher down, but then it covered a piece of the image and that didn't look good. Maybe the colors don't match properly? Or maybe I'm just not used to making this kind of card? Maybe if I had seen it somewhere else I would've loved it. I'm always my worst critic. Tomorrow I think I'll have a pastel card anyway :)

Did I mention it's a challenge for the fridaysketchers blog?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

hÄnglar update

As some of you know I want to sell some of my hÄnglar stamps. I've noticed I only have about 4 of them for sale and it doesn't fit with the plan I had.
The plan was to offer you your wish-hÄnglar AND raise money for charity. I wanted to make a charityauction with them, giving all extra money I raise to charity. I'm guessing 4 stamps won't go far so I want to buy some more and offer you to bid on them.

Now, since I don't want to be stuck with any unsold stamps I ask those of you who are interested in the hÄnglar to leave a comment here which hÄnglar stamps you would be interested in bidding on. If there are any very popular ones I might buy them and offer you them here. I'm not guaranteeing anything though. I would just like for those outside Sweden to get an opportunity to have their own hÄnglar. I know how it is to want a stamp you can't get.

So, you can go to hÄnglar homepage, look through the catalogs and leave a comment here with the stamp's name and number (and which category you found them in) you would be interested in. I'll see if there's any interest and we'll take it from there. Oh, and please write if you would be willing to buy used stamps too.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sugarbowl sketch

This week the sugarbowlblog had a great sketch that I wanted to try. I had to use a sugarnellie stamp and this pooch was all I had (for now).

I have colored him in pink, flocked him with pink flock and added a bling to his necklace. I twisted the sketch and thought the pink/black papers would work great with the look I wanted. I also added a "ball" that he's looking at to match the text "chasing the ball".

The sketch:

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Magnolia fans

Until the end of january scraphuset is having an offer on Magnolia stamps - take 4 and pay for 3 (they give you the cheapest for free). Since the Swedish krona is so cheap for all of you now, it's a great opportunity for you to stock up on some Magnolia stamps!
Here you can write them and ask about shipping, payment and everything you need to know.

I'm hoping they have all the stamps I've ordered. I only have one Magnolia and these ones are on my wishlist. Keep your fingers crossed that they're not out of stock.

I've also just found out that my order I made friday has been processed. Don't know how much of the things I'll get. I always assume that when I've finally decided to place an order (no matter how late) everything I want should be in stock. It never occurs to me that others might shop too and since I'm so slow I might go without. I guess I'll see when my package arrives. They got over 250 orders in just 2 days! I guess that's what happens when you have a 50% off, lol.

Now I'm off to work on some cards. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a new post. The computer is acting strange, so you never know. I'll miss you though. Don't forget about me :)

Blog candy winners and our celebration

Now it's finally time for you to find out who won my blogcandy. I apologise for taking so long. As I mentioned before, we exchanged some parts in the computer and then all of a sudden it didn't want to go out on the net, my games stopped working and all other "fun" stuff happened. We still have some problems, but my computerwizard man is going to fix it, just might take some time. Good thing the internet is back because I have been so abstinent! Didn't know what to do with myself. I use internet for so many things, so it's been a hard couple of days, lol.

So, about the candy. I've decided to have a second winner since I got over 50 comments. Some of you are entered twice and the total number of entries are 60. I wrote all the names (some twice) to randomorg list generator, it shuffled them around and put numbers on them. Then I used the integer generator to get two numbers.

I thought the winner would be able to choose between the first and second prize.

Here is the first prize:
Stamps, images, brads, eyelets, diecuts, primas, stickers, alphabet and all kind of love things.

Over 30 hÄnglar and Penny Black images. The paper is great for promarkers.

Heart embossed papers, swirls, anchors, frames etc. in white pink and red:

Everything packed in a beautiful decorated bag:

Second prize is a stampset from unitystamps "Lovin from the oven".

And the winners are:

1.Jezz79 said...

Hi Katarina,and congratulations to you both!!! It´s not easy to find presents for men,but go out and eat a great dinner together,and give him a card you have made yourself! A link is on my blog.

2.Pink dandelion

Please mail me your addresses at: Jessica, please let me know which one of the prizes you would want.

Thanks everyone for playing. I had so much fun and got some really good tips on what to get my man! On the day of our anniversary we went to just a dinner and a movie. I got him a set of hot cocoa and chilli truffles (he's crazy about chocolate and not much of a "gadget" person). The week after we went to a Whitesnake concert to celebrate and David (Coverdale, the singer) sang "our" song live! It was such an amazing feeling and it felt like it was just for us. We were standing by the stage and at one point David looked at me and pointed. I know it looks like singers are looking at you and singing just for you - that's a part of their charm - but this time I swear he was looking directly at me! I guess it pays off standing in the front and waving with a very bright purple scarf, lol. Not even David could ignore that color, lol.

Here are some pics I took. Not the best unfortunately and the batteries died on me after just a few pics :( At least it's something to remember the concert by. The guy you see in the foreground is one of the guards, that's how close we were :)
Here's the singer David Coverdale with his "rebel spirit" shirt:

The bassplayer Uriah Duffy - a real flirt.

The best in focus pic, too bad you can't tell who it is, lol. I want a faster camera!!!

Love this pic since I managed to photograph the photographer. Too bad it's out of focus though :(

If you didn't win this time, don't despair ;) I will have more candies in the future. Also remember that I find a lot of blogcandy and you can find the link to the right. I will make a post in the beginning of each month about the candy that ends that month. When I find more I will add to that post, so check back. I hope I didn't confuse you too much. For january's blogcandy click on the "january" link to the right.