Friday, 15 May 2009

Scrapaddicted sale

I just made an order at scrapaddicted. Jane - the owner - is having a 50% sale until the 17:th at 8am EST. You get 50% off everything except:

* news
* REA (sale items)
* Easer's newest stamps
* Giftcertificates
* Monthly packages/Subscriptions

You need to pay with a creditcard to get the discount. You HAVE TO write the coupon code: 50%FEST in the checkout box to get the discoount.

I ordered a stampscrubber I've been wanting forever, but have been too cheap to buy :) I also ordered a whole bunch of plain cardstock. The shop close to me has raised their prices and I'm hoping that even with the shipping it will be cheaper to buy it from Jane. Besides, she needs our help to get rid of stuff and who am I to refuse, lol.

Here's the whole info in Swedish:

Nu är det dags för fest igen! Jag behöver nämligen er hjälp med inventering ;-)

Du får 50 % rabatt på allt utom:
* Nyheter
* REA (Vissa QuicKutzprodukter är kraftigt nedsatta redan, där tillämpas REA-priset. På övriga QuicKutzprodukter har du halva priset!)
* Easers nyaste stämplar
* Presentkort * Månadspaket/Prenumerationer!
Faktiskt frakt tillämpas - rabatter korrigeras manuellt då jag plockar ordern!

Jag gör korrigeringen på ditt kort så snart jag plockat ordern - fulla summan exkl. rabatt måste alltså finnas på ditt kort vid reservationen.

Gäller beställningar gjorda fr.o.m. 9/5 kl. 8.00 t.o.m. 17/5 kl. 8.00

(Erbjudandet gäller endast i webbutiken. Risk för slutförsäljning. Vänligen notera att leveranstiden på dina produkter kommer att bli längre än vanligt - då orderingången är mycket hög. Du kommer att kunna läsa på entresidan dagligen hur långt jag kommit i orderhögen)

OBS! Skriv 50%FEST i kupongrutan!

Vidarebefordra gärna erbjudandet till vänner du tror skulle uppskatta det.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


On Carolina's blogg you can win your own text to put up on a wall. The text is made out of sticky vinyl. I have birds and flowers up on my walls and would love to have a text in the bedroom. The contest closes today at 6pm EST.
If you're not lucky enough to win you can order your own text at:

So so sew

I apologize for not posting much this last week. I was a bit bummed for not making any of the DT I applied to. I didn't feel like making cards or joining in on the challenges. Instead I started sewing. I got a message from the library that the books I've been standing in line for are now available. Almost all of them came in at the same time, so I borrowed FOUR Tilda books and one about quilted handbags, so I have had a lot to choose from :) Normally I would be so indecisive I wouldn't do anything, but this time I just picked a project, made it and chose another, made it and so on. You will not believe how productive I've been (at least it's very productive for me)! I don't think I've ever sewn this much. I even used up all of my filling (is that the right word?)

I've been totally in my own world for the last week or so. I've been sewing every night - so fun! But today I think I caught some cold-bug so I'm off to bed. Just going to look at and pet my pretty fabrics ;) before bedtime. I promise I will show you some pics of what I've done very soon. I'm hoping to put a few items up on etsy. Maybe someone will be interested?
For now I'm leaving you with a little sneak peak :)

This is the project I started months ago. I started and finished others during these days, but hopefully I'll finish this one while I'm in the flow.