Saturday, 19 September 2009

Last card for the call

Edit: Here's the finished card. Tadaaa :)

Ok, so the card isn't totally ready, but I think that the potential can still be seen here. I thought it would go faster to finish this card, but when it didn't I didn't just want to whip it up fast. The papers and image is too pretty for a quicky, lol. I will upload the card on this post when I'm done with it. Hopefully Katharina won't have gotten to this post until then ;)

Promarkers used: lavender, amethyst, cool aqua, pastel green, marsh green, ivory, cinnamon, burnt sienna, umber, ice grey1 and blender.

Another card for theWoj call

I'm working on another card for the Whiff of joy call, but I'm not sure if I'll make it on time, so I'm uploading this one at least. I started it ages ago, but something else always came up.
I've used a different kind of folding and the card can be folded together in two ways. Message goes on the inside lower flap. A ribbon through the flower eyelet keeps the card closed. I'm especially happy with the colouring of her hair. I love that it looks like her hair is sooo shiny.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Candy with a fun twist

Helen over at her blog has a very fun way to enter her candy that consists of stamped up images.

Here are the instructions:

# Get a piece a paper (any paper) & a pen
# Draw a circle anywhere on the paper (tip:somewhere easy to remember!)
# Put the piece of paper on your head & draw (whilst the paper is ontop of your head)
Eyes, trunk & Ears to make it look like an Elephant!!
# Take a picture of your piece of art & post it on your blog spreading the word about my giveaways & shop opening.
# come back & put a comment WITH A LINK to your picture on this post (like doing a challenge)

Here's my elephant. I assumed the circle was the end of his trunk.

My fiancée interpreted it as the circle being the head and here's his drawing:

She has also opened a shop where she sells digital images and other wonderful things. Click the link to take a look.

Whiff of joy GDT call

I don't know if you've seen, but Katharina, owner of Whiff of joy, is having a guest design team call. I have a couple of cards that I have made using WOJ stamps, but I just read that it has to be new cards, so some are out :(
This is such an opportunity for me since being on a team/guestteam for WOJ is one of my biggest dreams when it comes to crafting. I think that will be my new new year's resolution, lol. I am totally inlove with all the stamps, but I actually prefer Alison Acton's stamps. This might be a good thing since it seems like many have the Elisabeth Bell stamps as favs. I would love to work with the animalstamps and I can't believe I didn't manage to pick up some when I bought my first WOJs!

I really, really hope Katharina will like what I do, but I also know that it will be a hard decision for her. I've seen the competition!

I did however manage to make two new cards and hopefully I will make one more tonight. I will treat myself with some free time since I was so good at studying all week :) I also have a card (the bottom one) that I made for this call following a challenge, so you've already seen it. Don't know if that counts, but I thought a bit outside of the box there too so I want to include the card for the call. The colouring on this card is one of my best ones so I wanted to show it off, lol.

I have used my promarkers for all the cards since that's the colouring I'm most comfortable with and that I think gives the best results. You can click the pics to get a biiiig picture.

I want to point out a totally brilliant thing I came up with that I haven't seen anywhere else. I tried to photograph it, but it's such a subtle detail. Anyhow, the scalloped oval that the image is on is cut out and embossed with my nesties. The patterned paper that surrounds her is also cut out and embossed, but the other way if you know what I mean. It shows better at the fourth pic before I mounted the oval with the image. So the image isn't mounted on the patterned paper but actually fits the hole made in the PP. I just had to tell you about it because I felt so brilliant when I came up with this, lol.
The embossed panels are from my cuttlebug embossing folder and they both read "big-hearted".

Promarkers used:
ivory, pastel pink+rose pink, cinnamon, burnt sienna, ice grey 1&3, cool grey5. I also used two of my old pantone pens: 208T (the fushia pink) and black.

Paper: Basic Grey - bittersweet.
Cuttlebug folder "you".

On this card the ribbon is glued between the two ovals. It's a single card and you write the message on the inside panels. It's quite simple, but I think the colouring and papers speak for themselves. Papers are from Wild asparagus called "pretty little girl".

That's it for tonight. I'll photograph my third card tomorrow and hopefully make another one (or two) before the deadline at 8pm GMT+1 tomorrow. I'm sooooo nervous! Keeping all of my fingers crossed that she will pick me :D

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Why is that sparrow standing underneath my pancake?

If you're wondering what the djuice that means I can tell you it's one of my examples in my university litterature. I can hear your thoughts "what is she studying?" lol.
I'm studying psychology and the chapter about language at the moment. That bizarre sentence is an example of "displacement" - a referral to the fact that language allows us to communicate about events and objects that are not physically present.

So there you have it. You've learned some psychology 101 :D

I've been working quite extensively on both my studying and my cards. Unfortunatelly I can't show them to you yet, but I will be uploading some new cards for the weekend.

Hope you're having a great week. I'm back to studying. Ta ta.

Monday, 14 September 2009

DT call for the pixie cottage

The pixie cottage are looking for new team members and I keep forgetting to apply! Deadline is tomorrow so I need to get it done.

Today I made two new Christmascards that tuned out great, but I can't show them yet. I'm hoping that they will be accepted to a certain place...Keep your fingers crossed!

Meanwhile I'm having a hard time choosing my three cards for the call. Feels like eenie, minie, mo (or however it's spelled). Anyhow, here are some of the cards I'm very happy with. I hope they speeak for themselves. Click the pic to get a bigger view.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

New blogskins

Tinker&co are doing blogskins, and have some lovely new ones now. The one seen above is just one example of many.
The collections come complete with blog skin, banner, blog button and signature. All codes will be written and a help file will also be provided with a help file, where everything is explained and instructions on how to install. Extra help can be provided if you email them.

Now for the fun part: Jo is giving one of her followers the chance to win a blog makeover. I know I would love one!