Saturday, 5 June 2010

A little needle holder

It's interesting sometimes how people that are so crafty and can make anything still don't make anything for themselves.

I gave away my needleholder for Julia's 50:th birthday if you remember this red one and haven't had the energy to make an advanced like that. (And to be honest I can't find the pattern in all my mess) I noticed that I REALLY needed somthing fast as I had needles laying on the edge of my table with the wastebasket underneath (and I'm sure you can figure out know what smart idea that was!) So I whipped up a little one in felt.

I cut out little hearts with a cookie cutter heart and my cuttlebug. Then sewed on in the middle. I also attached flaps on the inside and a snap closing (or whatever you call it)

Tadaa! Took maybe an hour and it will give my needles a place to be before I sew another one. And who knows, when I have a new one I might give this one away :)

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Matching pencil holders

I started on these in autumn - thinking it would be a great Christmas gift for my fiancées niece and nephew. I started on it, but couldn't finish it on time (due to my illness, being hospitalized and so on) I decided to have it ready now for the nephew's 4:th birthday. Some give presents to siblings too, so I made one for her aswell. I'm very happy with how they turned out - one of my first projects using bias (the thin edging) Now I just need to make one for myself - for my make-up brushes and maybe a travelkit for my promarkers?

 I was so annoyed because I bought a pattern for them. I thought I knew how to make them, but wasn't sure what measurements there should be for the deviders. That was pretty much the only reason why I bought the pattern. When I opened it to seee how many deviders there should be for a standard pen it said "sew the lines to whatever measurement you like" Grrrr! I was so annoyed I had wasted $3 on nothing.

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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Happy weddingday mom

My mom got married today. And I couldn't be there :(
I'm so sad and disappointed and angry. I couldn't go because I didn't think my stomach could handle travelling. My healthissues have taken away so much from me already and this was yet another thing. I'll never be able to get this moment back and do it again.

So here's a card for you mom to celebrate You and Alan.
Congrats to you both!

 The card is made using rising flame from sweetpea stamps.

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June candy

 Vikki midnight 1:st.

Natasha 3:rd

Lori  9:th.

Crystal  10:th
Jen 11:th

Zoe  13:th

Christine  15:th.

Calie  19:th.

Renate  22

Emma  is giving away 28 small stamps from crafty individuals. Ends 25:th.

Michelle 30:th.

Mandy  30:th

Particraft end when they reach 900 followers

True  - don't know when it ends

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Last week's pixie cottage challenge

Thought I could at least load up some pics to show you what I'm up to. I can't sit too long in front of the computer, so I'll make it quick.

The challenge was add a pocket or tag. I did both and skipped the sketch:

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Candy alert

Lili of the valley are celebrating their new release with a nice candy. It consists of all the stamps from the new release. You need to join by midnight saturday 29:th.

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