Saturday, 29 November 2008

My first candy participant

Woohoo, I got a comment on my candy. Need to run to my stash and add something to the candy...

I also found another candy I haven't written about. This one is from Val and she has a loooot of loot in her candy. Hurry and join. It will end today.

Do you love shimmerz? Well, the shimmerz blog is celebrating Grand Opening of their online shopping cart and the shoptacular Black Friday weekend! The sale goes on until monday and they are also offering some blogcandy. You can win 5 jars of your choice. I've never tried these before and I would love to, the blingqueen that I am.

There are still some days left to enter the bootifulstampz candy November is coming to an end, but I'm still hoping to win. Every day all through november I've been having a chance to win. Haven't been lucky yet, but maybe today...

Courtney is having some real candy togehther with a whole bunch of stuff: ribbons, stamps, the works. Sign up for her candy now. It ends monday!

Kari is offering some stamps from Papilo among other things, you know the norwegian company I wrote about a while ago. She writes in norwegian, but you can join as usual by posting about her candy and linking to your blog. She would also love if you can flip through her old posts (3 pages) and tell her which of the cards you like the most.

Aperantly there are not just craftitems for grabs out on the net. I found this blog called Frugal mommy of 2 girls and if you go to her blog you can find a lot of great stuff. On this post you can actually win a brewing system! Who do you know who doesn't drink coffee (except me)? And it also makes tea or cocoa for us that don't drink coffee. How great is that?!

frugalmommy is having another item for grabs, a brilliant crayonholder. If I don't win this one I'm going to have to sew one like that. It would be wonderful for my alcoholmarkers! I have somethig similar, but it doesn't really work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anita has opened her own shop called Anita's crafting cavern. To celebrate this she is offering a candy in the form of a shopping spree. There are some really cute things in her store so jump over and see what you like. (I saw some great Laura Ashley papers)

Angela is having a surprise candy to give away. It's such a surprise, not even she knows what it will be. There are several things you can do to get your name in the hat more than once. One of them is to tell a bit about yourself. After the winner is chosen Angela will pick something that suits the winner, so it's in your best interest to be honest ;)

High hopes sketch challenge

Have I told you how much I love my alcohol markers? I will definately wish for some new colors for Christmas. Finally I have found a coloring method that can't go wrong. After so many years I finally found it. This is so my type of medium.

This is one of my new HM's I hadn't inked in yet, so it was about time. I had a "lilac" challenge in mind while coloring the image. Then I noticed I had a sketchchallenge that needed to be done before bedtime and I decided to use the image. The sketch consists of 3 areas that I thought would be perfect for patterned paper. I also wanted to compliment the flower so I went with purple shades. Now that I think about it I could actually join the purple challenge too with this card. But I have something else in mind for it. We'll see if I will have time to make it. I'm so proud of the way I made the flower be outside of the oval. It points downwards and I think I will have a sentiment there. I just don't know which one yet. The one I have on my stamp is a bit too big. The sentiment I wanted to go with was: "If friends grew in a garden I would pick you." Isn't that just perfect for this card!

As always, sorry about the bad scan.

Friday, 28 November 2008


I have a huge list of candy you can join this weekend. Don't forget to check back to see what I'm up to :)

Vicki has been giving away candy every saturday during november. I just found out. She will have the last candy tomorrow, saturday, so there is still a chance.

Kristin is giving away a big batch of eyelets. If you're a fan of eyelets than this is the candy for you!

Cindy is making lasercuts of fairies, castles etc. and now she is giving away them as blogcandy. They are so beautiful and would work wonderfully to decorate a box or maybe a child's dresser. They are pretty big and would make any piece of furniture look great.

Sharon has some beautiful papers and embellishments in her candy. Click on her name to go to the candy.

Sonja has gotten a Whiff of joy stamp from Katharina that she's giving away. The blog is in German, but I'm sure you can manage around there anyway.

Heather is having stampin' up and cuttlebug stuff among other things. You can get quite a lot of entries, go to her blog to see how.

ribenaruby has her first blogcandy and she even has prizes for runner ups, so more chances to win!

Catt is having a candy too. Not sure what it is, but I do love a surprise!

As every day, don't forget to sign up for a candy at bootifulstampz There is a candy every day and it goes on until the end of november. I'm still hoping...Love Sally's little bunnies.

My little secret

I know I said I would post later today about my surprise, but you will have to wait until tomorrow while I fight a little with blogger. I can say this though: it's to celebrate something very big that happens in exactly one week, it will focus on a certain emotion and the more you share it the bigger it will get. Curious what it is? Just check back and you'll find out...

Oh and happy Thanksgiving to my american friends!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Me - a dumbass

Pardon my french, but I'm such a dumbass. I started cleaning my hobbystuff today, putting away papers I had torn out from my stash, making new room for my CB stuff etc. While putting away the patterned papers I came across a whole line of Christmas basic grey papers and then another basic grey line, and another. I've been complaining that I don't have any Christmaspapers - well I did, but I wasn't aware of them, and now most of my X-mas cards are done. I guess I will put them away until next year when I won't remember them again, lol. I'm very happy that I found this stash because I've been wanting to participate in Basic Grey challenges and you need some of the stuff on your project to be from BG. Now I can join, woohoo.

I was very good today and left my box of cards to my local charityshop. I hope they will like it and that the cards will get sold. Now I know what to do with the cards I make that I don't want to keep.

I have a great idea for this week's house mouse challenge. All I can say is that it involves my new chocolate stamps I got as a blogcandy. I just hope I have that image I'm thinking about. I'm so tired of Christmascards at this point that I need to do something else. I've been coloring in the last 2 of my fairystamps so hopefully I will make a card or two with them. I have a sketchchallenge for tomorrow, so maybe I'll use them. Although I have a wonderful HM that hasn't seen ink yet, so we'll see who wins the battle later tonight.

Remember to sign up for the bootifulstampz blogcandy. Every day you have a chance to win. I haven't yet, but I'm persistent enough :)

Make sure to come back later today for a little surprise-treat from me ;)

I must have been a good girl...

...because I won some more candy!!! Wohooo. I can't believe it, so weird to see my name and comment on the blogs! I won one of the Whimsy stamps I told you about. I get to choose betwwen the duck, frog and turtle. So hard because they are all adorable! I think I need to sleep on it, but I'm leaning towards the duck...or maybe the, I think the duck, lol. But the frog would be great for "prince charming" cards, hmmm...
Now she has the funniest scruffiest owl too. The animals crack me up. It's such a gift to be able to draw like that. Make sure to visit her blog to check them out.

Thank you Denise for this prize and a small thank you to the randomorg gods :)

Snowy is flakey

Before I forget I want to tell everyone to make sure to come back tomorrow. I will have something yummy here that I know won't hurt anyone's teeth...

This week on cutecardthursday the challenge was snow+snowflakes. I have a lot of Penny Blacks that have never felt ink, so I thought it was time for this guy. The quote is also from PB. Usually I don't like buying quotestamps, it's so easy to write a text and print it on the computer, but when I saw this quote I knew I had to have it. It would've been wonderful for a challenge that PB had where you were only supposed to use a quotestamp, no images (missed that one unfortunately).

A while ago I was thinking about what my style was and this card is it! No patterned papers, my own made stampbackground, embossingpowder and a lot of glitter and bling! And now my latest obsession: cuttlebug embossing folders. The purple papers are bling cardstock. Both the snowflakes and text is embossed with "turquoise sparkle". It gives a glitter and shine like gasoline, you know those rainbowcolors. It's one of my fav EP (embossing powders)

I love that blue/purple combo and think most of my Christmascards will look like that. Every X-mas I'm trying to have a style on my cards. One year it was traditional green/red, one year black/silver, last year I think I had frosty blue and this year I'm going for blue/purple. Such a great combo!

The text says: snowflakes are just unassembled snowmen.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Bootifulstampz day 17

I refuse to give up and I will fight until the end :)
Go to bootifulstampz and sign up for Sally's blogcandy. Here are the instructions in her own words:

I want you to tell people about the One Day Giveaway on your blog and link back to This Bootiful Stampz Blog! You will have until 11/12pm on that day to put your name down, only once per day please but you can enter EVERY DAY!! and of course for EVERY DAY that you do enter, you will have to post on your blog! you could win once/twice or three times who knows! All names that have answered that day and have posted on their blog (links will be checked) will go into a hat and the winner announced the next day! I will make a new post each day and you just add your name to that post!

An altered box

Ok, so I thought I wouldn't do anything crafty today, but I did! I've been having these old cards I've made for ages and I didn't know what to do with them. I never used them because I thought they were too ugly, or at least that I had improved a lot and they were not representing me anymore. Did that sound better? lol. I also had some cards that I got in swaps that I didn't use either, so I decided to give them away to my local charity shop. I didn't want to just hand them over in a bag, but rather in a box, maybe even a pretty one thay could have by the register? I've been thinking about that for weeks and even had a good sized box, but never got around to doing anything with it. I want to leave the cards in time for people to buy the Chrismas ones, there aren't many but a few. I always need a motivation to start doing stuff and when I found this altering challenge I thought: now or never. It kick-started me so I got it done. Hopefully I will leave the box there during the week. I'm thinking about decorating it a little more, but I'm not sure now. I think it looks pretty good as it is. The original idea was to have "cards" written on the front and then a seperate (removeble) sign saying "handmade", so when they were all sold the shop could take the sign off and have postcards in it aswell. I'll sleep on it. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

No cards today

I've been busy with cleaning a bit and doing tons of other stuff. Somehow the day just passed. Nothing new to show you, but I hope you won't ditch me and come back tomorrow.
Until then go to bootifulstampz and sign up for Sally's blogcandy. Here are the instructions in her own words:

I want you to tell people about the One Day Giveaway on your blog and link back to This Bootiful Stampz Blog! You will have until 11/12pm on that day to put your name down, only once per day please but you can enter EVERY DAY!! and of course for EVERY DAY that you do enter, you will have to post on your blog! you could win once/twice or three times who knows! All names that have answered that day and have posted on their blog (links will be checked) will go into a hat and the winner announced the next day! I will make a new post each day and you just add your name to that post!

Monday, 24 November 2008

New whimsy line

A woman named Denise has started a very cute stampline of her own called Whimsy stamps. The stamps are cute and humorous and her website should be up and running by now. Check out the funny duck with the big beak for example. So full of personality! Way to go Denise. I admire you for doing this and wish you the best of luck. Here are her own words about the new line:

Hi All!
I have some pretty big personal news to share with all of you, news that I've been wanting to spill for some time now and today, I finally can do just that! So hold on to your goes!!!
I have decided to end my old stamping career as a Stampin' Up! demo to start my new stamping career with my very own stamp company! This has been a huge dream of mine and with the love and support of my wonderful husband, I've begun the adventure of small business owner! I'm super excited to announce the launch of Whimsy Stamps!

Whimsy Stamps is our family owned and operated business located in New Hampshire. With the help of wonderfully talented artists we are please to bring you our exclusive whimsical and fun rubber stamp designs. Our stamps are crafted from deeply etched rubber and mounted on cling cushion. They will come untrimmed, but once trimmed they will be ready to mount on acrylic blocks and ink up!

You can check out the stamps and preorder them on her blog. She also has a blogcandy to offer for those of us who feel lucky.

Blog candy

I'm still persistent enough to join the candy at bootifulstampz. You can join every day until the end of november. You can find more info on bootifulstampz' blog by going back to the older posts. Good luck!

Gayle at littlebirddesign is having two wonderful sugarnellie stamps as candy. One is a wonderful fairy and the other one a boy. Hop on over to join, it ends very soon.

Debbie has an amazing candy to give. There are already around 640 entries, but I'm hoping to get lucky...

Anita is celebrating her 1 year bloggoversary and 25,000 hits since march with some great stuff. WOW, that is a lot of visitors! Congratulations.

Kristine from Norway has some winter candy for a lucky winner. Go to her blog and enter :)

Better pics of my cards + candyprize arrived

Scroll down to see today's card.

Today i got my blogcandy prize I won the other week. I put up a pic of it on one of my previous posts. It's a clearset with a chocolatetheme. Chocolatekisses, texts and images of pralines and cakes. Yum! Thank you so much for the candy Michele! You can go to her blog here

The other day I also got my prize for the soldier's cards. I did go with the stampset I liked the most, instead of the one I thought would be most usable. I chose the Halloween silhouette one. It is so cute and it came in a metalcontainer, kind of like the quickutz ones. So sweet! If you would like the same set or any of the others Gina K has you can see them here.

Lately I have been taking pics during daylight of my more recent cards. When I finish them in the nights I only have the scanner to rely on and we all know how well that's been working out for me ;) So instead of going back to every post and exchanging the pics I thought I'd show them all here instead and you can be blown away by my brilliance, lol (you don't have the time to flip through the old posts anyway, right?) I will also put them up in my picasaweb album that you can find to the right. I haven't decided if it's better to show a card by photographing it square (the way it is) or to do those angleshots. I think the angleshots show details better and the card looks better, but it doesn't show all of it. Maybe both? What do you think?

Here's the HM Christmascard I made yesterday. I wrote I was planning on applying some goldglitterglue and here's the result. I think it works wonderfully. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments. I got so happy! Keep them coming when I desetve it ;)

With lamp on to make the gold sparkle:

Child's card challenge:

Magnolia sketch challenge. Yes, I need some extra glue there, I know:

Snowy challenges:

This is my best coloring so far. I'm so proud of this image! I put some silverlining on her wings and glaze on her eyes. This card was one of the ones I applied with for the DT team, which I didn't make :(

I see that I've forgotten to color her gloria. I was waiting for my silverpromarker and now that I have it I will color it in.

Rainy easter

Sliiightly too early for an easter card, lol. I bought this amazingly cute stamp just a few weeks ago and was waiting for an excuse to use it. I found a challenge where the theme was "it's raining, it's pouring" and wasn't this just perfect? Since it's a daffodil on the image I thought I might just aswell make it an eastercard. You never know how much time you'll have then.

Bootiful candy day 14 and cherrypie stamps

Sign up to be in the draw of some fabulous candy at bootifulstampz Every day you have a chance to win until the end of november.

I have some news for those of you who love cherry pie stamps. Cherry pie has some wonderful stamps for collage and more artistic stamping. I'm totally inlove with the new scrolly/flowery images. Marina is offering free shipping worldwide for this week. Great for us that live outside of the US. Shipping can be a killer and don't I know it! Here's the mail I got from her:

Hello girls!

For this week, beginning today, I'm offering free shipping worldwide.
It's a way to give thanks for being on my mailing list (or Yahoo group).
I will also add a freebie of my choice.

HOW TO ORDER: this offer is valid only for orders coming through my
website, not eBay.
My website will automatically add postage to your order and I will
proceed to refund it as soon as I see your order. Paypal is not
charging you anything for the refund. You simply get the full amount back.

Second option: you email me your order and send the exact amount by
Paypal or Money order.

This offer expires on Sunday 30th November.
You can forward it to your friends and I will honor the refund to
anyone what mentions this mail with their order.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY to you all!

Cherry Pie Art Stamps
rubber stamps for Artists

Sunday, 23 November 2008

House mouse challenge

This week's challenge was to make a Christmascard. I had forgotten how much fun it was to make HM cards! I ususally make them standard size 10x15cm, but decided I wanted to make a different size this time. I'm very happy with how it turned out in the end. It looks very red on the pic, but the gold details and frames balance that out nicely. Hope you liked it too.

Hmmm, I'm thinking about adding some goldglitter to the flower. Think it would look great. I'm going to go and try that. If I mess the card up at least I have this photo of it, lol.

It's been a challenging week

I've found some more candy for you. Yes, I know it seems like I don't do anything else than surf for candy, lol. There are just so many people out there celebrating and who am I not to join in on the fun?

Another great candy you still can join here.

You can find a wonderful stampcandy on Imagine, create, inspire It ends very soon, so hurry!

Rina is also having some fab candy. It consists of colorful papers, primas and so much more. I don't want to look too much at the photos because I'll get so disappointed if I don't win, lol.

Maria is having some great clearstamps and other goodies in her candy.

Heather is giving you a chance to enter a lot of times. Every day you can get your name in the hat by commenting on her blog. You can also get entries for poting about her candy, participating in challenges etc.

Kristen is having some amazing winter themed items for her candy. That's all I will say ;)

And as every day, bootifulstampz is going to have another winner. Join in every day to be in the draw.