Thursday, 27 November 2008

Me - a dumbass

Pardon my french, but I'm such a dumbass. I started cleaning my hobbystuff today, putting away papers I had torn out from my stash, making new room for my CB stuff etc. While putting away the patterned papers I came across a whole line of Christmas basic grey papers and then another basic grey line, and another. I've been complaining that I don't have any Christmaspapers - well I did, but I wasn't aware of them, and now most of my X-mas cards are done. I guess I will put them away until next year when I won't remember them again, lol. I'm very happy that I found this stash because I've been wanting to participate in Basic Grey challenges and you need some of the stuff on your project to be from BG. Now I can join, woohoo.

I was very good today and left my box of cards to my local charityshop. I hope they will like it and that the cards will get sold. Now I know what to do with the cards I make that I don't want to keep.

I have a great idea for this week's house mouse challenge. All I can say is that it involves my new chocolate stamps I got as a blogcandy. I just hope I have that image I'm thinking about. I'm so tired of Christmascards at this point that I need to do something else. I've been coloring in the last 2 of my fairystamps so hopefully I will make a card or two with them. I have a sketchchallenge for tomorrow, so maybe I'll use them. Although I have a wonderful HM that hasn't seen ink yet, so we'll see who wins the battle later tonight.

Remember to sign up for the bootifulstampz blogcandy. Every day you have a chance to win. I haven't yet, but I'm persistent enough :)

Make sure to come back later today for a little surprise-treat from me ;)

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