Monday, 24 November 2008

Better pics of my cards + candyprize arrived

Scroll down to see today's card.

Today i got my blogcandy prize I won the other week. I put up a pic of it on one of my previous posts. It's a clearset with a chocolatetheme. Chocolatekisses, texts and images of pralines and cakes. Yum! Thank you so much for the candy Michele! You can go to her blog here

The other day I also got my prize for the soldier's cards. I did go with the stampset I liked the most, instead of the one I thought would be most usable. I chose the Halloween silhouette one. It is so cute and it came in a metalcontainer, kind of like the quickutz ones. So sweet! If you would like the same set or any of the others Gina K has you can see them here.

Lately I have been taking pics during daylight of my more recent cards. When I finish them in the nights I only have the scanner to rely on and we all know how well that's been working out for me ;) So instead of going back to every post and exchanging the pics I thought I'd show them all here instead and you can be blown away by my brilliance, lol (you don't have the time to flip through the old posts anyway, right?) I will also put them up in my picasaweb album that you can find to the right. I haven't decided if it's better to show a card by photographing it square (the way it is) or to do those angleshots. I think the angleshots show details better and the card looks better, but it doesn't show all of it. Maybe both? What do you think?

Here's the HM Christmascard I made yesterday. I wrote I was planning on applying some goldglitterglue and here's the result. I think it works wonderfully. Thank you everyone for all the nice comments. I got so happy! Keep them coming when I desetve it ;)

With lamp on to make the gold sparkle:

Child's card challenge:

Magnolia sketch challenge. Yes, I need some extra glue there, I know:

Snowy challenges:

This is my best coloring so far. I'm so proud of this image! I put some silverlining on her wings and glaze on her eyes. This card was one of the ones I applied with for the DT team, which I didn't make :(

I see that I've forgotten to color her gloria. I was waiting for my silverpromarker and now that I have it I will color it in.

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