Monday, 24 November 2008

Bootiful candy day 14 and cherrypie stamps

Sign up to be in the draw of some fabulous candy at bootifulstampz Every day you have a chance to win until the end of november.

I have some news for those of you who love cherry pie stamps. Cherry pie has some wonderful stamps for collage and more artistic stamping. I'm totally inlove with the new scrolly/flowery images. Marina is offering free shipping worldwide for this week. Great for us that live outside of the US. Shipping can be a killer and don't I know it! Here's the mail I got from her:

Hello girls!

For this week, beginning today, I'm offering free shipping worldwide.
It's a way to give thanks for being on my mailing list (or Yahoo group).
I will also add a freebie of my choice.

HOW TO ORDER: this offer is valid only for orders coming through my
website, not eBay.
My website will automatically add postage to your order and I will
proceed to refund it as soon as I see your order. Paypal is not
charging you anything for the refund. You simply get the full amount back.

Second option: you email me your order and send the exact amount by
Paypal or Money order.

This offer expires on Sunday 30th November.
You can forward it to your friends and I will honor the refund to
anyone what mentions this mail with their order.

HAPPY TURKEY DAY to you all!

Cherry Pie Art Stamps
rubber stamps for Artists

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