Friday, 12 August 2016

Tilda lovebirds with house

Tone Finanger fabric Lovebirds zoomed
I've been looking through some old craft photos and found this cute pair that I don't think I've showed you yet. I made it many years ago when I bought my first Tilda book called "Tildas landsted" (by Tone Finnanger).

Tone Finanger fabric Lovebird

Tone Finanger fabric Lovebird

 I made them for a sewing swap where I got the Magnolia Tilda doll you can see HERE
Each bird have a charm sewn to the front - a locket and a key - and the house has a charm that says "love". According to the pattern you are supposed to add beaks made from skewer sticks, but I was worried they might break in the mail so I skipped them. I think the birds are just as cute with their fabric beaks. 

Tone Finanger fabric Lovehouse

To be able to hang everything up I added beaded string to all parts. One of the birds have white beads, the other one red and the house is a mix of both colors. I also sewed on a piece of wire to the bottom of the birds so you could put them on a perch somewhere in your house.

Tone Finanger fabric Lovebirds

It's fun to see how much my sewing skills have improved since I made these. Sometimes it's hard to apreciate your skill when it feels like it's not going forward. So if you have doubts about your skill: take a look at some of your older pieces and you might be surprised at how far you've come.

Until next time.
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