Friday, 9 September 2016

Fisherman's bag - 1:st place winner!

Quilted fisherman's bag by kamadesign
The bag measures about 45x25x20cm.
As a crafter we have so many ideas and projects we want to start on. The problem is finishing them and not just jumping into another one when we are faced with boring parts of the projects. Because let's face it - as fun as crafting is there are always parts that are boring or hard. 
I like learning new things and have learned most of my crafts by watching tutorials or trial and error. Most often I'm too impatient to go to classes. That doesn't mean I'm sloppy. Quite opposite. I research a lot to do things the "right" way (which honestly seems like a contradiction when it comes to creativity). Evidently this puts a hold on my project, like with this bag.
I started making this for my stepdad a couple of years ago. I'm sure it's been over 5 years. I had all parts done, just needed to sew the pieces together. The instructions didn't make any sense and I couldn't figure it out. So I thought that I could come up with a solution by leaving the bag for a while. 
5+ years later...

I'm looking through and sorting my stuff and realize that the bag hasn't magically assembled itself (shocking, right?). So with my new attitude of "finish it or toss it" I decide to give it one last try before I give up. I go back to the quiltstore where I got the fabrics and she explains to me how to finish it. It involves ripping out some seams (which quite frankly I hate doing because it feels like taking five steps back). I follow her instructions and ta-daa. 
A bag is created. 

You crafters know what I'm talking about. 
This love-hate relationship with you finished item :)

Quilted fisherman's bag by kamadesign
I freehandstitched some "seaweed" onto the green panels.

Quilted fisherman's bag by kamadesign

The inside of the outer pocket has patterned polkadot fabric - same as the inside of the bag.

Quilted fisherman's bag by kamadesign
I added a fishbone charm to the zipperpull for some extra pizzazz aswell as a metal "thingy" (can't remember what it's called) so you can add a strap to the bag.

Quilted fisherman's bag by kamadesign
 And of course - the inside must be as wellmade as the outside :)

I entered a sewing contest on a swedish site with this bag and won 1:st place! If you want to check out the other entries you can see them HERE.
So what project or part of a project do you struggle with? 
Comment below and let me know. 

Fabric used: Northern shores by Holly Taylor for Moda.
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