Saturday, 20 February 2010

Valentine's gifts

I've been quiet for a couple of days because I've been sewing and knitting. I'm almost done with both projects so I will be able to show it to you soon. Meanwhile I thought I would show you some Valentine's gifts.

I made myself a gift - a long necklace (hanging by my belly button) It's longer than any necklaces I've seen, but I like the new length. I can't have anything dangling around my solar plexus since that's where I''m in pain. I'm convinced that in 6 months you will see necklaces that are that long. I'm usually before fashion, so remember where you heard it first :D

I've had a couple of comments saying that they would like to see more tutorials on my blog. I'm not quite sure what you would like to see. I think my stuff are pretty easy. Let me know what you mean.

Here I have taken different beads in white, pink and silver and put it on a chain and some on the big ring. That's it! Tutorial done :)
I'm very happy with how this turned out since I don't have any long necklaces. This is my first and I thought it was very appropriate as a gift to myself.
Angel charm

Here's what I got from my sweetheart - someone to hug that doesn't snore  (his words, not mine :) This bear is sooo soft and cuddly and quite big - the biggest I've ever had. (about 35cm)

 My sweetie got a scarf that I knitted for him. He has been wearing one I knitted for him years ago that looked quite shabby. He refused to wear any storebought though so if I wanted him to change it I had to knit him a new one...It's supersoft and perfect length to wrap around his neck. I like the shades.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Candy at Kellie's

Just a quick little post letting you know about a candy I came across over at Kellie's blog.You can win  9 Sugarplum kids, 2 accessory stamps, and one set of Spring Sentiments. Ends thursday 18:th.

If you want to enter other candies, make sure to click the "february" link under "blogcandy" in my sidebar. And don't forget to enter my candy too...


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My 30:th birthday cards

Thought I would showcase all the beautiful cards I get for my birthday on this post. If you have sent me a card - check back here as I will edit this post with new pics. I will also add a link in the sidebar so you can find this post easier and enjoy the cards I get.
I'm so happy for all the nice comments and birthday wishes I get from you. As I said before - I don't have much contact with my family and don't have any friends in the town I live in. I always imagined getting a surprise party with lots of friends on my 30:th b-day...It's a little sad so I'm very greatful for all of you, even if I don't "know" you.

I've been thinking about how to celebrate my day. Originally me and my fiancée were supposed to go to Thailand and dive, just like we did on his 30:th b-day, but since I've been ill I don't dare to go anywhere yet. I haven't had a totally painfree day yet and don't want to sit on a plane for 10 hours. It's quite boring to have your b-day in march since it's so darn cold here. Other things I've been thinking about is to go on some kind of spa treatment nearby or check in to a hotel or about getting make-up and hair done, but it all seems quite boring. Especially if I compare to how we celebrated my fiancées b-day. He had his b-day in august and we went to Malta. It all begin in spring when I surprised him with a plan where we both took a diving certificate. We did it all spring and summer and when we finally got it we went to Malta for 2 weeks. They have some amazing diving and on the day of his b-day we went diving 30 meters under water. The guide and I applauded under water as the depth meter turned exactly 30! It was such a brilliant way to spend it and it makes me so sad that I can't have something spectacular just like that. If we went somewhere (as I love to travel) I wouldn't feel so alone either I think. I'm so mad at this illness, but at the same time I'm thankful that I will get fully recovered. We have already decided that we will celebrate big when I turn 30,5 on september 13:th. I've always wanted to have my b-day in september as I love the beginning of autumn.

If you have any suggestions on how to celebrate - let me know.
I've been looking a bit on the net, but all they suggest is to celebrate with family and friends...
I'm thinking about doing a movie-marathon and see 2-3 movies after eachother. I really want to see the new Alice in wonderland. It just doesn't seem spectacular enough. I want to have a good story to tell when I'm old of how I celebrated my 30:th b-day (concidering my 20:th wasn't anything  special)

Ok, enough of my sobstory, here are the cards.

First card I got is from Esther in Netherlands. Love the colourcombo of this card and glitter. It's very "me". The butterflies are so beautiful and I love the blings on the text. Gorgeous Esther, thank you so much!

Next card on the list is from Linda in the UK. She also enclosed a lily of the valley stamp that is sooo cute! Thank you LInda. I love your colouring and choice of colours.

This one is from Lynn in the US. Love the dekadent look of it and glitter! Don't you just love glitter?

This card is from Maria in Norway. I really like the dryembossed and inked sentiment. The flower really makes the card stand out.

The inside is just as nice as the outside:

Third card came all the way from Australia. There were some really cute kangaroo postage stamps on the envelope. I've always wanted to go to Australia, it's my dreamplace no1. Maybe for my 40:th b-day? Love how different this card is. The sentiment is on vellum, the butterfly is embossed as is the background card. Just brilliant.
There was also a little giftie in there:

A card from Yara in the US. We belong to the same house mouse yahoo group and have "known" eachother for years. I think I'm on some kind of birthday list of hers because every now and then I get a card out of the blue. Love the colours and the embossed panel. Think I have to "lift" (aka steal, lol) this layout. Really like how it's put together from different panels.

This one is from my friend Sharon. I'm sooo glad I bought this stamp and it arrived a week earlier, otherwise I would've been so jealous. I just love this stamp! Don't know how to use it, but I already have bought a frog-die and saved some ribbon with frogfeet on it. I love her fab colouring and the colourchoice. I never would've thought to mix lime with brown, but it looks so good, don't you think? Oh, the inside says:"then hop on over to this side of 29!" I thought it was so sweet since I've been feeling a bit old *blush* The inside is fab decorated too in the same style.

This one is from Irina in Russia. It got to me in time Irina. That was fast! Love the cheery colour and the different size of her card. I also love how she used mulberry paper for the background. It really looks like a bouquet in wrapping paper seen from above, don't you agree? The flowers are made in 3D, some stand out more than others. Fab card, although I can't read what it says. I will figure it out although I'm a bit rusty. Just learned the russian alphabet on my own.

Last card - a very surprising one - is from another woman I know from one of my house mouse yahoo groups. I must be on her birthday list as I have not been active on that list for years. Just love the bright cheery colours. You can really see how the mice are basking in the sun. Love the usage of stickers. I have way too many that I never use as I'm sure you have to.

This one is from Andrea in Germany. She also included a magnolia stamp that I've been wanting to have, but was too cheap to buy, lol. Thank you so much Andrea! Love the colours on this card and the beads on a string are brilliant! Love the little embossed hearts too.

Next, a card from Linda, Sweden. I love that it looks like the kitty is holding the same flower she has put in the right lower corner. Almost like a real memorbilia. Fab colouring too. Love the ribbons and flowers.
Last but not least - the card that dropped in today was from Elsina in Israel.I really like the motif and the smaller sized card. Fab colours too. Did you notice that the girl's dress is the same pattern (but smaller) than the background paper? Just gorgeous.

Last a card I got last week or even earlier, but it hid on the side of my bookshelf. Naughty naughty. I got some great images with it too. It's from Monika in Germany. I love the elegant look of this and the style of the saying. A bit of bling doesn't hurt ;)

Thanks a lot ladies. I'm really happy for the cards. It brightens my day to get up and see envelopes on the floor in the hallway (we get our mail through a slot in the door)

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cultivate love


Here is my last card for the wedding card contest over at caardvarks. I really liked the idea of a weddingcard with a strong colour like fushia. It's a little different from all the white/cream/pastel colours. I wish I had more time to play around with this. 

The stamp I used I won in a candy and it had a wonderful matching saying "cultivate love". I wanted to incorporate it somehow in the card, but it didn't fit. So I thought I'd put the saying on the inside. I also added a brad from a wedding set - a little heart. I think this one is one of my fav of the weddingcards.
Not too bad of a photo either concidering it's in the middle of the night and photographed with a flash.

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Monday, 15 February 2010

Wedding card bonanza

Today I'm inviting you to take a look at a bunch of weddingcards I've made. I meant to wish you a happy Valentine's yesterday, but my poor computer got a virus :( Hopefully it's fixable. Right now I can't access any photos, print any texts or check my candycalendar. Good thing we have a laptop my fiancée borrowed from work so I can have some contact with the world.

Yesterday I worked the whole night on weddingcards. Caardvarks are having a contest where the winning weddingcard will get published in CARDS magazine. I would love to get that opportunity!

I have made many cards because I had sooo many ideas. I photographed them just before the daylight went away. Still have a couple of ideas, but we'll see if I will make more. Those pics won't get as good. I don't have access to my photoediting program due to the virus, so I haven't been able to crop the pics or do anything fancy with them.

Here are a couple of my cards:

The first one fits a sketch over at papertake weekly.

With or without the text "tying the knot". I had to handwrite it...

I used a stamp from sweet pea stamps and turned it into a weddingstamp. She is coloured with grey to add shades and silver glitter. In her hair she has a charm and a piece of mesh (looking like a vail) peeps from behind the image.

A simple yet elegant card. Different glitter put on the embossed parts.

A little different weddingcard. Handmade cutout bird with stamped flying birds on it. A tail made out of a feather and a vail out of mesh behind its head. A pearlbrad by the tail and for an eye.With or without text.       

Hope you enjoyed them. Now I'll be putting cardmaking a little bit to the side and start sewing, knitting and making jewelry again. I just finished a pair of earrings and a necklace yesterday so those pics will come soon.

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