Sunday, 22 March 2015

Desperately looking for two Tilda fabrics to finish my quilt

It's been sooo long since I made any posts. I must admit I didn't think anyone popped in here so I thought: no one will care if I write or not, but now I see that you are still lurking out there :)

During the previous year or more I haven't been making many cards except for some Christmascards and the weddingcards. I've made a few tutorials, but mostly I've been...well, not crafting much. A lot has to do with the HUGE amount of junk I have had around my craftingspace (I know you know what I mean and don't pretend otherwise). The truth is that I haven't had any space to craft because it's been filled with stuff I don't know what to do with. has led me to the inevitable purging process of my craftspace which was easier than I thought being a hoarder and an overall "good-to-have" person. But with the purging of stuff you've never used for the last 8 years comes freedom and I'm so happy I started. It's been two or three months so far and I'm starting to see the light. I've dug up my sewingmachine (yes, DUG up is the appropriate word here) and actually used it a few times. GASP! Still have some fabrics to go through, old boxes that have been sitting under the table for years etc etc. It took 9 years to collect it so it will take a few months to get rid of it.

Anyhee, on to my post for today:

I've dug up a quilt I started years ago. I know the fabrics are from the 2011 panduro catalogue so I must have started around there. I sewed the horisontal panels together (5 of them) and left enough fabric in case I wanted to add another one. Or so I thought. The thing is that I kept a few pieces of fabric, but I measured it wrong so they are 1cm to narrow! Oh no!

Tildaquilt fruit garden

I think I originally planned to have strips of solid fabic between the horisontal panels (mostly because I get annoyed when the meeting points aren't perfect and thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off) But now when I started sewing I forgot all about that and sewed all panels together and you know what? Most of the corners meet up perfectly. Just a few here and there that are off with 1mm and I can live with that.

The problem though is that the quilt is now a bit too short which leads me to my need for an extra panel in the bottom. But I'm out of fabrics! I've posted on forums and even contacted private bloggers that I've seen use Tilda fabrics. I'm that desperate, lol.

I should get the green panel in the mail soon, but I'm still on the lookout for the pink and turquoise one. If you have it, please contact me and we could do a swap. I have a lot of other Tilda fabrics. The pieces are 10x25cm.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I got the green fabric in the mail the other day and actually got an e-mail from another woman saying she can send me the other two fabrics. Woohooo! Don't you just love fellow bloggers, crafters, sewers who know the pain of not being able to finish a project due to stupidity?
UPDATE2: Now I have them all. The outlet store that sell Tilda fabrics actually had ONE piece of the green fabric. Isn't that just great? I guess it was meant to be :) So now I have sewed the new pieces and have a ready front of my quilt. Yey!

From the "fruit garden" collection: rosy teal, rosalie pink and rosy green.

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