Saturday, 5 June 2010

A little needle holder

It's interesting sometimes how people that are so crafty and can make anything still don't make anything for themselves.

I gave away my needleholder for Julia's 50:th birthday if you remember this red one and haven't had the energy to make an advanced like that. (And to be honest I can't find the pattern in all my mess) I noticed that I REALLY needed somthing fast as I had needles laying on the edge of my table with the wastebasket underneath (and I'm sure you can figure out know what smart idea that was!) So I whipped up a little one in felt.

I cut out little hearts with a cookie cutter heart and my cuttlebug. Then sewed on in the middle. I also attached flaps on the inside and a snap closing (or whatever you call it)

Tadaa! Took maybe an hour and it will give my needles a place to be before I sew another one. And who knows, when I have a new one I might give this one away :)

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Tanya Rudd said...

This is awesome! I will have to try this one out.

Anne said...

What a super cute needle holder Katarina! I'm really weak for hearts ;)

I have to do some quilting to... not only card making. Have you seen my funny cow?

Hugs, Anne

DonnaMundinger said...

Great idea and so cute! xxD

Claire said...

Cutie! This is such an easy project :) I love the color combination!