Thursday, 14 May 2009

So so sew

I apologize for not posting much this last week. I was a bit bummed for not making any of the DT I applied to. I didn't feel like making cards or joining in on the challenges. Instead I started sewing. I got a message from the library that the books I've been standing in line for are now available. Almost all of them came in at the same time, so I borrowed FOUR Tilda books and one about quilted handbags, so I have had a lot to choose from :) Normally I would be so indecisive I wouldn't do anything, but this time I just picked a project, made it and chose another, made it and so on. You will not believe how productive I've been (at least it's very productive for me)! I don't think I've ever sewn this much. I even used up all of my filling (is that the right word?)

I've been totally in my own world for the last week or so. I've been sewing every night - so fun! But today I think I caught some cold-bug so I'm off to bed. Just going to look at and pet my pretty fabrics ;) before bedtime. I promise I will show you some pics of what I've done very soon. I'm hoping to put a few items up on etsy. Maybe someone will be interested?
For now I'm leaving you with a little sneak peak :)

This is the project I started months ago. I started and finished others during these days, but hopefully I'll finish this one while I'm in the flow.

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