Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Blog candy winners and our celebration

Now it's finally time for you to find out who won my blogcandy. I apologise for taking so long. As I mentioned before, we exchanged some parts in the computer and then all of a sudden it didn't want to go out on the net, my games stopped working and all other "fun" stuff happened. We still have some problems, but my computerwizard man is going to fix it, just might take some time. Good thing the internet is back because I have been so abstinent! Didn't know what to do with myself. I use internet for so many things, so it's been a hard couple of days, lol.

So, about the candy. I've decided to have a second winner since I got over 50 comments. Some of you are entered twice and the total number of entries are 60. I wrote all the names (some twice) to randomorg list generator, it shuffled them around and put numbers on them. Then I used the integer generator to get two numbers.

I thought the winner would be able to choose between the first and second prize.

Here is the first prize:
Stamps, images, brads, eyelets, diecuts, primas, stickers, alphabet and all kind of love things.

Over 30 hÄnglar and Penny Black images. The paper is great for promarkers.

Heart embossed papers, swirls, anchors, frames etc. in white pink and red:

Everything packed in a beautiful decorated bag:

Second prize is a stampset from unitystamps "Lovin from the oven".

And the winners are:

1.Jezz79 said...

Hi Katarina,and congratulations to you both!!! It´s not easy to find presents for men,but go out and eat a great dinner together,and give him a card you have made yourself! A link is on my blog.

2.Pink dandelion

Please mail me your addresses at: kamadesign@gmail.com. Jessica, please let me know which one of the prizes you would want.

Thanks everyone for playing. I had so much fun and got some really good tips on what to get my man! On the day of our anniversary we went to just a dinner and a movie. I got him a set of hot cocoa and chilli truffles (he's crazy about chocolate and not much of a "gadget" person). The week after we went to a Whitesnake concert to celebrate and David (Coverdale, the singer) sang "our" song live! It was such an amazing feeling and it felt like it was just for us. We were standing by the stage and at one point David looked at me and pointed. I know it looks like singers are looking at you and singing just for you - that's a part of their charm - but this time I swear he was looking directly at me! I guess it pays off standing in the front and waving with a very bright purple scarf, lol. Not even David could ignore that color, lol.

Here are some pics I took. Not the best unfortunately and the batteries died on me after just a few pics :( At least it's something to remember the concert by. The guy you see in the foreground is one of the guards, that's how close we were :)
Here's the singer David Coverdale with his "rebel spirit" shirt:

The bassplayer Uriah Duffy - a real flirt.

The best in focus pic, too bad you can't tell who it is, lol. I want a faster camera!!!

Love this pic since I managed to photograph the photographer. Too bad it's out of focus though :(

If you didn't win this time, don't despair ;) I will have more candies in the future. Also remember that I find a lot of blogcandy and you can find the link to the right. I will make a post in the beginning of each month about the candy that ends that month. When I find more I will add to that post, so check back. I hope I didn't confuse you too much. For january's blogcandy click on the "january" link to the right.

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