Thursday, 15 January 2009

hÄnglar update

As some of you know I want to sell some of my hÄnglar stamps. I've noticed I only have about 4 of them for sale and it doesn't fit with the plan I had.
The plan was to offer you your wish-hÄnglar AND raise money for charity. I wanted to make a charityauction with them, giving all extra money I raise to charity. I'm guessing 4 stamps won't go far so I want to buy some more and offer you to bid on them.

Now, since I don't want to be stuck with any unsold stamps I ask those of you who are interested in the hÄnglar to leave a comment here which hÄnglar stamps you would be interested in bidding on. If there are any very popular ones I might buy them and offer you them here. I'm not guaranteeing anything though. I would just like for those outside Sweden to get an opportunity to have their own hÄnglar. I know how it is to want a stamp you can't get.

So, you can go to hÄnglar homepage, look through the catalogs and leave a comment here with the stamp's name and number (and which category you found them in) you would be interested in. I'll see if there's any interest and we'll take it from there. Oh, and please write if you would be willing to buy used stamps too.


Gayle said...

Hi Katarina

As you know already I will buy anything you have, old, used, new. I don't mind.
My absolute favourites though are..
94012, 94013, 92210, 92202, 2611, 2617, 91808, Brudpar1&2, H105...
Oh I could go on, but that's a long list! I told you I love them all!
Gayle x

suzanne said...

Hi Katarina

I would be very interested. I will have a look at the catalogue and let you know. Doesn't matter if they are used stamps. That is fine

Suzanne x

rose said...

oh I would love any!

Maria said...

Me too, me too - lol. I would also be interested in either new or used. I will have a look at the catalogue and get back to you. Also, thanks for entering my blog candy and good luck. Hugs, Maria