Saturday, 17 January 2009

Prize and award rain over me

I need to tell you about some wonderful things that have been going on lately.
A couple of days ago I found out that I'm one of the winners on the simonsaysstamp blog. I won the no9 prize - Penny Black's new clearstamp set "hugs" and also "bubbly"!

Before Christmas I entered a jewelrycontest in my local store that sells beads and such. I won one of the prizes and got a giftcertificate to their shop! I'm so happy about that because their beads are quite expensive and I shop there quite seldom. I will show you the bracelet I won with when I get it back and have a chance to photograph it. I'm very proud of it. It's different, but not sure how wearable. Maybe if I made a necklace in the same design it would be better.

I also recently found out I got picked as a winner on the housemouse challenge blog! I was so happy because the prize was a HM stamp I've been wanting forever. But since it's a winter/Christmas stamp I never got around to buying it. So it will be my first Christmas house mouse. Oh, I'm sooo happy. Couldn't get a better prize!

The other day I got my loot from the 50% sale at scrapaddicted. I got so happy because when I made the order I had put in a bunnystamp from Rachelle Ann Miller in my shoppingbasket, but when I shopped around a while and looked again on the stamppage (to see if I should get some more of those stamps) the bunny was gone. The strange thing was that when things were out their photos were still up, but you couldn't put them in your basket, but this bunny was just gone, the photo, everything. But it was still in my basket, so I let it be and it came in the mail! I'm so happy about that. It's my first RAM stamp (I also got another one, so now I have two). I'm working on a card so hopefully I will it show it to you later today or tomorrow. The only thing I didn't get was a few promarkers and a qk bunny die, which was fine by me. I got what I wanted the most and was very happy with the order.

And last, but definately not least, I got my first two awards! I can't believe I got them. Thank you so much Louise for nominating me. AND I now have 17 followers. Can you believe it?!

I need to tell you 5 things I'm addicted to and nominate 5 people to recieve the award. I'm spreading my awards throughout the world:

Coni - love her style and everything she does. She's a great mail-friend too.
Cath has a blog in french and my french is waaay too rusty, but she has a lot of pics and her things are just amazing! She makes a lot of mini-albums that I would love to make myself.
Nicole makes some awesome cards almost ever day. She's great in using the high-hopes stamps.
Camilla is great in designing shabby chic/Victorian cards - you know those with lace, pearls and a million details. She has an amazing coloring skill too.
Anita makes insane hÄnglar cards. Just check her blog and be amazed.

Ok, so now for 5 things I'm addicted to: my love, pretty things (papers, ribbons etc.), shiny things like jewelry, the internet (and computer in general), traveling.

I have recently started bloghopping around on some sewing blogs. I came across this secret easter swap where you're supposed to make something for someone (without them knowing) and then you get something handmade in the mail from someone else. I'm very tempted to join, but a little scared that I won't make it. I don't like sewing that much because it seldom turns out the way I want it to and my sewingmachine and I aren't always best buddies. But imagine getting something that someone has spent hours on from somewhere across the world and doing the same for them. I'm more and more tempted every day to join, besides I have found a lot of patterns I'd like to try and buying pretty fabrics is just as fun as buying pretty papers ;)


Joanna said...

Now you have 18 followers :)

Have a good day!

BTW. I linked you from my blog :)

Camilla said...

Ååå snille søte deg, det var litt av en flott beskrivelse du hadde av kortene mine!! Tuusen takk:)
Gratulerer med awardene, og veldig hyggelig at du sendte to videre til meg;)
Klem, Cmailla.

Cath said...

Merci beaucoup pour cet award ! Je suis très honorée ;-)

Anita Hagen said...

Tusen hjertelig takk for denne hyggelige utmerkelsen. Det setter jeg utrolig pris på, og tuuusen hjertelig takk for fine ord om mine hÄnglarkort :-)

Jeg er helt håpløs til å følge opp disse, men du skal i alle fall vite at de treffer meg i hjertet, uansett :-)

Ha en fin dag videre og en riktig god og kreativ weekend!

Klem fra Anita