Friday, 16 January 2009

My new Magnolia!

Today I impulse-bought a new Magnolia, my second one. She was 50% off and not typically Christmas, so how could I resist? I also accidentally bought some more papers (not sure why since I have a hard time using them with my cards), lol. For the first time ever I started with choosing the paper and THEN I colored in the image. Usually I color in an image and then can't find anything to match. Anyhow, I am so so happy with the coloring of my image and the paper is so gorgeous. But then the problems came one after another and my distress look (that I do NOT know how to do) got worse and worse. Here's what I managed to salvage. I thought the sketch would be easy, but I'm just not a distressed kind of girl. I guess if I had gone for pastels or pinks I might have done better (or at least I wouldn't have to excuse myself, lol)
I really need help with this card. What's wrong with it? I thought about putting the text futher down, but then it covered a piece of the image and that didn't look good. Maybe the colors don't match properly? Or maybe I'm just not used to making this kind of card? Maybe if I had seen it somewhere else I would've loved it. I'm always my worst critic. Tomorrow I think I'll have a pastel card anyway :)

Did I mention it's a challenge for the fridaysketchers blog?


kyllimarjaana said...

Nice cards . Hello from Finland

Louise said...

Beautiful card and I love your Blog. Pop over to my blog, there's something for you!
Louise x

Louise said...

Yes, Katarina, they are both for your - your Blog is lovely x