Saturday, 10 January 2009

A real sale

I don't know how the craftsales are in the US, but here in Sweden they have always been pretty bleak. You can be happy if they have 20% off on some selected items. But this year it's more obvious that the economy is not the best because first: my local craftshop had 30% off on EVERYTHING (so I bought 11 promarkers and a whole bunch of brads that I will NOT just pet and look at, lol) Now she has 50% on all Christmasstuff and patterned papers for 5 sek each. I was going to see what she has left and also to exchange one of my promarkers :( I always check stuff I buy, but this I missed. One of the tips was dry, but since it was a light color I didn't see it. I haven't been feeling good though, so I haven't been there yet.

Anyhee, the point of this whole post is that today I got a newsletter from a shop called scrapaddicted that has 50% off on EVERYTHING in the shop! The best part is that I can shop through the net. No, actually the best part was that she also had promarkers and they were even more ridiculously cheap than the other ones. So I bought 10 more...
Good thing there are only 90 colors and about 30 of them are greys, lol. I bought some that were lower down on my wishlist since she didn't have the pinks and blues I wanted. So I'm still going to need those, lol.

I hope she will have everything I ordered. The sale started today and ends tomorrow evening. I didn't get that much, (only what I really needed ;)

I have been looking for some bling brads for quite a time and got some square ones the other day from another place that had 20% off. Now I ordered some more, but round ones. Don't think I'll ever run out of brads again, lol.

Phew, now I'm really pooped as my friend would say. I have decided to take it a bit easy with the challenges, because I've noticed that I'm joining too many. I'm one of those over-achievers and I don't want my crafting to turn into some kind of chase after perfection and "who-can-make-most-cards-and-join-most-challenges". I want to have time to do some jewelry, maybe finishing that bag I started in spring and alter something. I want to make a little keepsake of a doxie I was sitting last year. I took so many great pictures of her.

I hope you will stick around. I'm not ditching you or anything. I'm just thinking about limiting myself to maybe 3-4 challenges a week. I don't HAVE to be perfect (even though I would want to ;)

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