Saturday, 10 January 2009

Pink gem designs release and candy

Pinkgem designs are releasing some new stamps in january. There are some new designs from the Mimi line, but also some funky animals. Later in january there will also be a selection of Max & Milly stamps available through pinkgem designs. Make sure to check their blog for more updates! Oh, and they have a candy too :)

Speaking of candy, Ewonne is having a candy to celebrate almost 20,000 visitors! Way to go Ewonne! A picture says more than a thousand words, so I'll let you see for yourselves what you can get if you're lucky:

I have also updated my blogcandypost. As I mentioned before I will make one candypost a month and when I find more candy during that month I will add it to the list. To make it easier for you I've made a link to the post where you can read all about the different candies. And to make it easier for myself too, since now I don't have to update the linklist (not that I ever did, but I felt bad about not doing that).

Oh, and don't miss the simonsaysstamp HUGE giveaway (I think it ends tomorrow, just found it)

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