Monday, 5 January 2009

House mouse challenge - embossing

I'm in a period now where I don't like coloring so much, I just want to put the cards together. Impatience is also a factor during these times and strangely enough the same time when cards are most likely to mess with me and not get done (hmmm, can it have something to do with the impatience and my indecisive nature, I Good thing I have a little box with already colored images (too bad some of them are older and don't live up to my standards these days ;)
Usually when I'm in this period I come up with great ideas for cards. The other night I couldn't get to sleep because one brilliant idea hit me after another. I had to run up and write them down in my ideabook (and make little models of the cards). I'm almost done with a card that used one of the ideas. It's for a challenge due in a few days, so I'll show it to you during the week. Uh-oh, now I got your hopes up, hopefully you won't get disappointed. It seemed brilliant at the time...YES! I'm deciding it IS a fabulous idea and the card is too!

Ok, time to stop rambling. Here's my card.

The theme was embossing (any kind) and I wanted to use both dry and heat embossing (since I felt only CB embossing folders would be cheating). I made my own background paper by using a big floral stamp with versamark and white embossing powder. I came up with this idea a couple of years ago. Don't think I've seen it anywhere else, so I'm taking credit for it.
Then I colored it in with my shimmery chalks in pastel shades. The smaller pink cardstock is CB embossed and used with the "wrong" side up, so the pattern is lowered instead of raised. I used a jewelry part with a plain silver brad to give it a bit more "umph". I love this HM image. It was the first one I got I think.

I hope you understand that I'm not really as obnoxious as I "sound". I have a hard time believing in myself and any talents I might have, so when I make something well or get a brilliant idea I try not to shoot myself down, but dare to brag about it and enjoy it!



mycardz said...

Wow, GORGEOUS card!! Your paper really is what makes it so perfect - I LOVE the idea of embossing and then chalking on it...very creative! Your coloring is awesome too, actually I love the entire card!! :) Glad you could join us and be sure to come back!!

Cazzy said...

Very pretty backing paper and lovely card. I like that image.

Leigh said...

Lovely card. Pretty colours.

Sassy Crafts said...

Congrats on your win. Please see house mouse challenge blog. x