Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Can you believe it?

I actually managed to win on one of the challenges I entered! The contest was settled by lottery and here's the card that won. I think it's one of my prettier simple ones. Anyhee, I entered a lo-hot of challenges. Most of them had around 30 entries (which I didn't win) but this one that I did win: it had over 1500 cards entered. And my name was one of 10 that got picked out. I was totally blown away by the unlikeliness of it, lol. I will get some stamps (what else) as my prize. Wohooo.

This week I have been quite good at hoovering around my craftspace, wondering how to clean it up and make it better. Some things are working well and some are not at all. One of the things that are not working so well is my main bookshelf that can't handle too much weight or it collapses. It actually did it once and it wasn't a pretty sight :) The solution for this would be to glue it all together with the shelves in place, but that is a big project. What to do with the items? And most importantly: how to get it out of that crammed space? LOL

I also have my glues and adheisive things in thewindow and during the wintertime it's directly in the sunlight - not the best space for it.

On the upside, I have my inks in a trolley under the table so they are never exposed to the sun and won't dry out. I think I will have to photograph my corner and show you some of my solutions. It would be fun to see how the rest of you have solved your space-issues and what you still have problems with. I know I have made a lot of great solutions, but I still have a few left. My latest one is that I used some jam jars to hold my prima flowers. The brand I buy come in elongated jars that fit perfectly to store the flowers. The jam labels also came off easily, so now they are clear - just perfect! And for the huge flowers I have a big see-through jar where they are mixed up together.

Most of today I have been spending on the net searching for the best deal on alcohol blending solution for my new alco inks. I haven't had the chance to play with them much yet and I have just the right project in mind. I'm also on the lookout for twinkling H2O's because so far they are the best coloring medium I have encountered. I only have 2 colors, but they work well with my paper and color beautifully. And being a true shimmer/glitter fanatic they are just the thing for me. The problem is that as soon as I find a good deal they:

a: don't ship outside US
b: have outrageous shipping rates, or
c: the inventory is packed down/they have just closed the shop/out of stock

In times like these I usually go for the nearest option available just because I'm tired of looking. Anyone know somewhere I can get these things?

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