Friday, 3 October 2008

Shopping time

Late yesterday I found out that one of the stampstores in my area are celebrating 2 years and leaving a 20% discount. They only have open on fridays (since they are an internetbased shop) so I went today to see what I "needed", lol.

I did actually need some papers for a chipboard book I want to decorate. I had been looking in the other shops, but the selection isn't too big here in Malmö. So I was on the lookout for thin patterned papers. I wanted 4-5 matching ones in a pattern that would inspire me.

Ok, so I found like 4-5 sets of matching papers, but they were all doublesided and quite heavy. But I would find things to do with them I said to myself so I got them anyway. In the end I did manage to find some thinner ones in green and red colors. They could be for Chrismas but they don't have to be.

Here's what I got:

A lohoooot of papers in different patterns, some doublesided, for different occasions. I don't use that much patterned papers in my cardmaking so I thought I'd have some at home to work with.

These beautiful papers in pink/turquoise (is there a better combo?) Heavy and doublesided.

A similar style, but patterned on both sides. I'm thinking about sewing together a little book. They are too beautiful to seperate :) :

I also got this little box from K&co with proverbs. I had had my eye on this box a long time and now with 20% off I couldn't resist it. My main reason for getting this is to get my hands on those wonderful proverbs. I had been looking for them on the internet without any luck. I want to start making canvases with things that make you think and these little quotes are wonderful. I also thought that if I'm stuck with what card to make I can pull out one of these tabs and do a card that matches the quote. Genious! I might even challange you to play with me.
The paper in the background is also one of the ones I got. I can never resist anything with butterflies.

Finally, I bought a stamp from their own line that I have been wanting for about 1,5 years. I never bought it because I didn't know how to use it. The image is of a reindeer sitting in a bathtub with a duck on its tummy. It is so adorable! I have to make a card and show you.
The other stamp I got was from Whippersnapper. I'm not fond of how that company runs its business and I'm trying not to support them by buying their stamps, but this one I just fell in love with. There's no better word for it. The thing that I don't agree with is that Whipper Snapper refuses to sell to online stamp stores. You have to have a physical shop, otherwise they won't sell to you. The thing is that addictedtorubberstamps (which are an internetbased shop) are selling them. And they are selling them for outrageous prices. The stamp I got is around $10 +shipping. Now maybe $10 isn't so bad, but together with the $15 in shipping they take for international customers - that is a lot for a little stamp!
So I'm trying to refuse to buy their line so that they start authorizing online retailers aswell. Now they are controlling the market prices which I think is unfair. Penny Black were trying to do the same thing, but they lost the control. That's why it's now possible to find PBs for resonable prices. I just hope a change will come soon regarding Whipper snapper.

Back to the stamp (and yes I feel a little guilty about going against my own principles):The thing is that I'm freezing very often, especially in the winter here in Sweden. But I still can have a craving for an ice-cream, even if I'm cold. It never occurs to me that ice-cream can be related to cold and by eating it I may get even colder. My fiancée thinks it's hilarious and he thought this stamp suited me quite well when I showed him :D

You can click the images to get a bigger view and to see all of the goodies up close.

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