Sunday, 14 June 2009

My new shoes

Doesn't really have to do anything with crafts, but I had to show you my latest shoes. I have extremely sensitive feet and even get blisters from sneakers, so I can't buy any shoes I like. I have to choose very carefully. I dare to say that I buy every shoe that is comfortable. Do you know how many shoes per year that is? About one or two pairs...

I saw these wonderful fushia suede ones and had to try them on. And despite being quite high they were comfortable (if you can say that about those kind of shoes, lol)
I wanted to wear them for my cousin's graduation, but it was raining and we had about 6 degrees Celsius. Yes, freezing, I know. Not sure where to wear these shoes now, but I just can't take them back :) Aren't they just too pretty? I don't have any real "sex and the city" shoes since I don't wear high heels, but these I just have to keep.

After the extreme rainy weather we've been having I decided to buy a pair of rainboots. I'm always running around in my sneakers and my feet get wet. I searched the whole town for my size, but they were out. When I went to Stockholm to my cousin's graduation I found my size! Finally I won't have to walk around with wet feet :) They are so cute with purple roses - they match my rainjacket perfectly. Hey, maybe this post has something to do with crafts? Pretty flowers, matching colours...Hmmm?


AK said...

Hei!Skoene er jo fantastiske!!Jeg kommer til å titte inn mer her hos deg! Ha en fin dag videre! Klem AK

Sharon Caudle said...

CUTE!!!!! Love those shoes and the boots are really cute too!