Thursday, 3 September 2009

My latest loot - my first Whiff of joys!

I wanted to share with you what I bought lately. First I managed to find a blog of a woman named Michelle that also has a store. She had great prices and also had a 20% off so it was even better! As you may know I've been dieing to get some Whiff of joys (and especially the Alison Acton ones. I think I have a crush on Charlie, lol) Michelle had the "maid Charlotte" one that's been on top of my list. I also like the Elisabeth Bell one with basket so I got that one too. And some other things got into the shoppingcart...
I'm very excited about the distress inks. I only have the tea dye and I like to work with it. Now I finally had the chance to get some of the other colours.
I can really recommend Michelle. Check out her store here:

If you shop, tell her I sent you :)

My second package arrived today from They had a 25% off when I shopped so I got some items...I wanted the popcorn bears for a while and was so happy when I could buy them for about £4,5! I also got some Christmas and birthday papers. But I'm so disappointed with the bears. They are not at all the size shown on the sheet. The bear with the presentpile is actually about 4"! That is waaay too big for a normal sized card. I'm so disappointed with that. There's not much freedom to add embellishments unless you want the card to be huge. You can always use part of the stamp, but then the cute duck won't show. Such an anti-climax :( The whole afternoon has been like that for me today, yuck! The other bearstamps are huge too. The ones with the snowmen are about 4x3" Is it an english thing? I thought americans liked it big, lol. The only thing I'm actually happy about is the crackeling glossy accent (if it works that is, haven't tried it yet)
One thing that I'm extatic about is the snowflake punch I got today at a sale. It was about $4 and I got the poochie brads for free too.

Last but not least I got some fabrics last week. Brown is not my colour, but I couldn't resist these patterns. They work so well together and I can see some make-up bag with the bigger pattern on the outside and the smaller as a lining. I also got half a yard of the birdie fabric. It was just too cute.
I didn't find that many fabrics that I really really liked so I'm planning on buying them from the net in the future. The birdie fabric was an exception though. I would love to sew a case for my dayplanner out of it, but I don't know how. I think I need to ask one of the sewing wizards or maybe if you know how I should do it, let me know.

(The fabrics aren't really that shiny. The flash from the camera makes them a bit too glowy.)

Can't wait to start playing with my goodies. But I have to plan my time. I started school this week and I need to focus on my reading. But we can all use a break from time to time, right? And besides, there are some fab challenges and DT calls out theere that I just can't miss :)


Sharon Caudle said...

Nice haul! Enjoy all your goodies! Sorry you didn't like the bear stamps. :( hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are some really good picks!! I love those images and you will have some fun for sure with them!! :) HUGS

Spyder said...

fantastic buys! I bought a giant snowflake punch the other day that I'm well pleased with! You're not another one who scans in things and then prints them out to use on cards are you!?