Monday, 1 February 2010

Big 30:th birthday celebration candy!


I'm so happy because I have FINALLY photographed all candy I've put together for you. It was freezing being on the balcony photographing, but so worth it. I've been wanting to do a candy since summer and now it's finally here! I'm having it mainly to celebrate my 30:th birthday on march 13:th. Have you noticed the fancy border and text I've added to the right corner? I'm so proud I managed to figure it out, lol. Here are some details of the candy:

Ok, so hopefully now you are very tempted and eager to find out how to join. First of all there will be three winners splitting the goodies listed above:

1. This prize below will go to one of my 58 followers I have so far. I want to show you how much I apreciate you for reading my ramblings and for signing up. Still not sure why you did it, but I'm greatful :D It consists of some papers, a clearstamp, flowers, decorations, some images and a handmade crocheted brooch I made the other day that has a charm that says "made with love". Just a little token to show my apreciation. I just learned how to make crocheted flowers and this was my first one. I'm so proud! Hopefully you'll find it useful.

2. This candy below will go to one of you that send me a birthday card. I don't have much contact with my family and don't have any friends in the town I live, it's just me and my sweetheart. Even though we have fun and celebrate it feels a little sad during my b-days. I would love to have a surprise party filled with people that love me and I love back. I'm not very good at making friends though so I'm hoping my blogfriends will want to celebrate me.
If you want to send me a card e-mail me (address found under my profile in the sidebar) and I will send you my snail addy. I don't want to post it here. Write "b-day candy" in the subject line to make it easier for me to sort. If you have a blog mail me the address too so I know who you are. That way I have better control of who gets my address.
The candy consists of some doublesided papers, images, a HÄnglar stamp, flowers and decorations.

3. And finally the big candy for everyone that spread the word and become a follower. Candy consists of:
*stamped images from companies like Whiff of joy, sweet pea stamps, magnolia,penny black,house mouse hÄnglar&stÄnglar etc.
*buttons, beads, postage stamps
*all sorts of cut-outs
*stampsheet plate #16 from sweet pea stamps

Ok, so here are the rules:

A: Prize1 is only for my 58 followers so far.
B: If you want a chance on prize 2 you need to send me a b-day card (to Sweden). E-mail me and I will send you my snail addy. E-mail me when you have sent your card so I know to expect it. It takes about 1 week for letters to get to Sweden from the US and about 3 days from Europe.You don't need to add any comment here (unless you also want to join prize 3 of course) I will draw a name among the cards sent in. If winner lives in Sweden, Norway or Finland I will give them another candy and draw another winner. This is because I want the hÄngel stamp go to someone who can't buy it themself from the hÄnglar shop. If you've found this candy close to closing date and you still want to send me a card, it's ok. Just e-mail me saying it will be late. I trust you send it.
C: Prize 3 is for everone in blogland. You need to sign up as follower, spread the word that it's my 30:th b-day by grabbing the image below and putting it in your sidebar (or/and posting about it). And if you could leave a comment telling me how I could improve my blog, what's good, what you would like to see more of (eg. more pics, tutorials, more detailed description etc.) Add your name to mr linky (hopefully it works) I  will be checking to make it fair to everyone. Only one entry per person please. I will ship internationally.Candy ends on my b-day march 13:th 23.59 (11.59pm my time - see clock in my sidebar) and I will annonce the winner shortly after that. I won't contact the winner, so you have to get back to me. The winner will need to get back to me within 3 days or I'll draw a new winner.

EDIT: I'm leaving the candy open for a couple of extra days - until sunday march 21:st. Candy B is closed though.

Clear as mud hopefully :D Let me know if it's not. Now let the spreading begin ;)
HERE you can see the cards I've gotten so far.

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irinka said...

I am the first one. Happy birthday. There were times when people used to GET presents for their birthdays, not to Give. Good for us. Thank you for the chance to win

Julia said...

Hi Katarina,

Lovely to hear from you! I still can't resist making rag dolls as you see!! What lovely giveaway prizes you have lined up for the lucky winners - I'm sure you'll get lots of birthday cards to mark your special occasion. I shall send you one, although you don't need to include me in your giveaway. It wouldn't be fair for me to win when I don't make cards etc. myself (I still have your address, so long as you haven't moved since last year!).

Take care

Love Julia:0)

Kaia said...

Wow. For en candy !!!!!!!
Jeg har meldt meg som følger, lagt inn bilde m notis på sidebaren min, og venter i spenning.....
Når det gjelder tutorial på kortet mitt, så er det bare å lage skjære til ett 15 x 30 ark.
Lag brettekanter på 5cm, 10cm, 20cm og 25cm. brett de som du ser på det ene bildet av kortet mitt, og pynt i vei...
Klem fra Kaia

Esther said...

Oh my god this is a big candy.
I'm in, I love candy's but I didnt win one so far.haha
But keep on trying I think.
I want to be your new blog girlfriend so I am going to be a follower.I love al the three candy's but can only join one when I have understand it right.
At last I wish you a Happy Birthday.And thank you for the chance to win.

xx Esther

Esther said...

I have e-mailed you already.

X Esther

majsan said...

Hej Katarina! Jag har skickat en mail också... ;) Men ville bara säga att jag tycker din blog är fyld av massa inspirerande länkar och nyttiga grejor..Inget att ändra på tycker jag. Hoppas snart att höra från dej på mail... Kramisar din väg :) Majsan

Schokoladina said...

Hello Katarina, you are offering us a really great and very nice candy, so I will take the chance to win. Have a nice time and the 30s are better then the 20s :-)

Kind regards Petra

Leann said...

What fantastic candy Katarina!!!
Off to email you now :D
Hugs x

2ne said...

Hei. Gratulerer så mye med din kommende 30-års dag - håper den blir strålende. Jeg har blitt en følger og linker med bilde i min sidebar. Masse koselig på bloggen din - den gir masse inspirasjon. Ønsker deg en flott og kreativ uke :-) Stooor klem

Sharon Caudle said...

Holy smokes, what a fabulous bunch of candy, Katarina! You are such a sweetheart and your beautiful work alone is what brings me to your blog. I can't wait to make you a birthday card!! Big hugs to you my sweet friend, and I'll be posting this on my side bar.

Jeanet said...

In second thougt; will you email me your snail adress, so I can sent you a birthday card too?

Paula said...

Hiya Katarina,

Hope you have a great 30th. Me and my hubby had a joint 30th fancy dress party 2 years ago - it was fab! I am very new to blogging and only started mine yesterday but I have posted your blog candy/30th birthday info on my blog.


Paula. x

Paula said...

Hiya Katarina,

Hope you have a great birthday! THanks for the chan ce to win some great candy. Am very new to blogging as I only started my blog yesterday but I have posted about your candy/birthday giveaway.


Paula. x

crafty amy said...

Wow what a huge amount of yummy candy I love your blog I have just found it while commenting on the entries for stampin' for the weekends challenge I have signed up as a follower as I love what you do I don't think there is any way you could make your blog any better :D
I am off now to put your candy in my side bar. Can you send me your address so I can send you a card. my email is


Amy xx

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday to you too. I would love to sent you a birthday card. Please email me your address.
Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday. Enjoy your weekend.

Elenka8791 said...

Happy B-day! Great candy hope win

Linda Horn said...

Hoppar in och deltar i ditt candy jag med!! Jag har blivit följare, och länkat i min sidebar. Jag har också mailat dig om din adress, så nu är det bara att vänta och se om jag vinner något.

Ändra på något i bloggen.... njaaae, det skulle väl isf vara att ta bort snöflingorna..... de driver min dator till vansinne, hahahaha! Processorn jobbar så hårt, att fläkten låter som ett JAS.plan som ska till att lyfta, hihihi.

Ha det gott!!!

Linda said...

Congrats on your Bday!! =)
Ive linked to you on my blog, Loooovelyyy candy! =)


Rabbit Liza said...

Hi Katarina! Happy coming Birthday! I was also born on 13th but 2 months later then you and consider this number as a lucky one (for me it was always lucky at least). Wish you have a nice time on this day!!!
I added the link to the side bar of my blog

Carol said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy day. I have added your link to my side bar, and I am a follower. Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy. Great blog!

gandi said...

Hi!!! Happy Birthday to you!!! It's really nice from you to do such a big candy!! Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the colours of your blog!!!

I'm new in bloging but now I have less time because a I gave birth to a little boy in January.

Creative Expressions by Lynn said...

Happy 30th Birtday Katarina!!! I have to say, the thirties have been my best years so far. I just turned 39 this past November. So, I will venture into a new world my next birthday as I have to say goodbye to my thirties. Live well and you won't regret it when you reach your fourties, fifties, sixties and so on. (Bit Smiles to ya!!) I hope you have the best birthday you have ever had!
God Bless!
Lynn B

Cecilie said...

Happy 30th birthday!!!
The word has been put out!
Feel free to take look in my blog for your "add"

Moni said...

Waw stunning candy, so happy birthday to you! Thanks for telling me about your candy. I am now your follower and added your blog on my sidebar! Thanks for the chance! Hugs,Moni

Alice said...

Hi from Italy and Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for this chance to win this big and beautiful candy, now I am going to put a link to my candybar and I am a follower also. I like your cards, would see more tutorials in your blog :)

Nataša said...

Happy Birthday and thank you for the chance to win this fabulous candy. I'm your follower and I've put your candy picture with the link in my sidebar .
hugs, Natasa

marysza said...

wow happy 30th birthday! wish you more luck that you had earlier, more fun and.. more tutorials on your blog! ha!

i'll put a pic of your blog and link in a moment at my sidebar!

lots and lots of inspirations and luck!

agnes (marysza)

Andreja said...

Happy Birthday to you.Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday. Enjoy your weekend. Greetings from Slovenija, Andreja

ikrinka said...

Hi Katarina!
Happy coming Birthday!
I'm your follower!

Larisa said...

Thanks for nice candy ))) I linked it on sidebar
Happy Birthday to you too. I would love to sent you a birthday card. Please email me your address.

Trine said...

A way to improve? Why mess with perfection? *S*

Happy birthday in March. And thank you for the opportunity to share in the gifts you undoubtedly will receive plenty of. I turn 30 in October so believe my wishes for a great day!


sandra said...

I'm your follower #100!
Reading your post made tears running down my face!
I won't congratulate you b-day now,I'll send you a card!
No one deserves b-day without great greetings.

Amikadeja said...

Happy birthday, dear Katarina!

I've just found your blog and i'm your new follower. Your blog is beautiful and i'll enjoy to visit it more often.

And your candy in awesome! Hope I'll get it!

Hugs from Slovenia!

Manunamoral said...

Thanks for nice candy...

I linked it on sidebar
Happy Birthday to you too. I would love to sent you a birthday card. Please email me your address.

Hugs from Brasil!



Маша said...

Unbelievable sweetie! Happy birthday! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wealth!

Zetti said...

Hello Katarina,
i like your blog because of your great different creations und also the big challenge-list.
I hope I win, I would be so happy to get hänglar images, that would be so great.
Zetti :-)

Anonymous said...

i love your works a lot. thanks for giving a chance to win. i love the blog candy. its amazing.

Trembita said...

Hello, Katarina, I would also like to take a chance in winning # 3 also would like to send you a b-card, for the address will write you a separate e-mail.
Here is a link to my blog, a note abt your candy is in the right side-bar

Elsina said...

I only just found you and following now. I will post your candy at my candy page and send you a mail too, so I can send you a card and if it won't arrive in time I already wish you a very happy birthday!

Liz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have linked your blog to mine as requested.

jelonkaa said...

Happy birthday!!! Thanks for the chance to win. The message on my blog on the left side. I cordially greet from Poland :o)

Kat said...

Hi Katarina, thanks for joining me, entering my candy and telling me about your candy. I am following you now and I'll link your candy in my sidebar. I'll email you for your address to send you a birthday card.

Kat x

kathr said...

Hi Katrina, just want to wish you a VERY HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, just found your blog and have become a follower, would like the chance to win your candy...hugs Kath...

LindaSS said...

gratz on you 30`th birthday... :) And of course i hope to win you wonderful candy.. a link is posted on my sidebar... :)

li-bee-ti said...

Hi Katharina,
I hope your B-Day will turn out great and I sent you warm wishes and all the best.
I became a follower and I've linked your candy on my sidebar.
thanks for the chance to win!

Sissi said...

Hi Katarina! Happy birthday! This is a very lovely blog :)
Thanks for the chance to win your candy.
I'm a new follower and I posted your candy on my blog, here:

Hugs from Italy!

Penni said...

Hi Katarina

Happy 30th Birthday for 13 March!!!

Thanks for the chance to win some lovely Candy. I've become a follower of your blog and added a link in my sidebar for you.

I also have candy too, to celebrate my Husband's 40th Birthday. Please feel free to stop by and enter.


ROSA said...

Happy Birthday for you ;-)..... Thanks for a chance to win your yummy blog candy!
sorry for my english spero di vincere un saluto dall'Italia bye bye rosa
public tomorrow the post on
i am new follower

Tamar said...


I am now a follower!!

I also posted on my sidebar

I always like to see more images and hand made cards

Happy 30th B day!!


Monika Reeck said...

Hallo Katarina, I am your follower now and Lovely candy you have...I have send you email too asking your address I can send you a card cause I am in Germany it is only need 3 days to send to your country...I hope you get my email soon and I can send a bday card soon before your bday comes :) (SMILE). Thanks for the chance to win your yummy candy (I never won till today LOL).
You have a greqat blog and maybe more tips to make something in your blog could be more lovely?

Marushy said...

Hi katarina,
Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy day.

I am ending 31 March Birthday and March is a great month.

I have added your link to my side bar, and I am a follower. Thanks for the chance to win candy. Great blog



Happy 30th birthday on the 13th Katarina!! will be getting your addy to post you a card x Have posted your candy on my sidebar;
And I am a follower x I have candy too so pls pop by x Leigh x

Kathy K said...

Hi Katarina - Happy 30th Birthday!!! You have a great blog. I would love to see more of your scrapbooking & jewelry making. The earrings you posted recently were lovely! I am a follower & I posted a link to your candy on my blog. Thanks for a chance to win. Have an awesome birthday!!!

Ardilla said...

I wish you a happy birthday!!!

As I´m new in blogspot, don´t know what to tell you about your site, for me is wonderful!!! =)

I put the link to your candy in my blog, Hope to get some candy!!

Anonymous said...

Gratulerer så masse med ditt runde tall, 30 er en herlig alder ;o)

Du har en kjempe inspirerende blogg.
La meg derfor til som følger.
Ble sittende her lenge etter å ha finni deg via en annen blogg.

Blir gjerne med på candyen din også. Tusen takk for sjansen til å vinne.

Ha en kreativ, fin helg. Klem

Mary Lou said...

Happy Birthday Katarina!!! Hope today is filled with special blessings for You:) Signed up to follow your great work and spread your news on my sidebar. Great stuff!!!!!!!!
Blessings of thanks

Heike said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! The Blogcandy is wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar....


Simona said...

Hi Katarina, and HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

Your candy is simply amazing! I can't believe you are giving us the chance to win such an awesome prize! I have added you to my sidebar too.

Also, since you asked, I want to tell you what I would like too see more on your blog. I like it a lot already, but since all your creations are so gorgeous and inventive, I would love if you could show more tutorials. There are a lot of things we could learn from you if you are so kind as to show us how...

Thanks so much, and good luck with everything!

Hugs, Simona

PS: We are both Pisces, so I guess you too are very sensitive and a loving person! :) I too live away from my hometown and from my first family, so I know what you mean when you say you miss having them near you, especially around important days such as birthdays or holidays/celebrations... God bless you!

DZMania said...

Hi Katarina! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! You have a great blog. I would love to see more of your scrapbooking (layouts).
And thanks for a chance to win!
Hugs, Maria

jude said...

Thankyou so much for popping over to my blog.What goreous birthday Candy if id seen it earkier would have gladly sent a card,but coming from UK prob get it for your next
I am follower love your blog and the inspiration you give to us crafters.Thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAy may it be merry & bright.added you to my candy jar on side bar.
Have great weekend
hugs jude:)X

ephrath said...

Hope you have a great 30th.
As I´m new in blogspot, don´t know what to tell you about your site, for me is wonderful!!!

ephrath said...

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy day.

As I´m new in blogspot, don´t know what to tell you about your site, for me is wonderful!!!