Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Birthday photos

 So I'm a little bit paranoid about having my pics all over the net, but I figured I owe it to you :) I know it's much more fun to "see" the person behind the blog. Besides, I'm 30 now so it's time to stop being afraid, lol. I'll be a brave girl and upload one of the pics as my profile photo. It's time to stop hiding.
I have a new hairdo on these pics - bangs and straight hair that frames my face. I've always liked this look on other girls and kept thinking: in my next life I want to be a girl that fits in hair like that. Well, after being so sick I thought to myself: who cares if it suits me or not, I want to give it a try. My hair grows freekishly fast, so it's not a biggie if I regret the cut. I decided to cut it and it actually suits me! I never liked my flat straight hair and my mom always curled it and dyed it blonde. It never stayed curled though no matter how much products we used. When I moved away from home I started dying it purple-ish and haven't been able to stop since then. So in my late twenties I finally started to make peace with my hair and liking it the way it is. It's superstraight and shiny so I never have to use a straightning iron and can abuse it as much as I want - it looks healthy anyway.Ok, so that was the history of my hair, lol.

Here's what we did on my b-day:

First we went to the movies (Percy Jackson and the lightningbolt thief) at 3.30 and afterwards to a bakery for a little snack...Hot cocoa with marshmallows, yum!

After that another movie (Alice in wonderland 3D) and then a fancy italian/spanish restaurant where we had a wonderful meal. I had tortellinin with parmaham, fresh parmesan and pesto. For dessert crema catalan with lavendel icecream! All of it was sooo good. And I let myself had a glass of coca cola. I haven't had one for almost three years now. I stopped because I found myself addicted to it and my dentist wasn't happy about it.

After the amazing dinner I didn't feel like going home yet so we went bowling:

where I actually won the last round!
Back at the house I had a wonderful cake that was waiting for me. My sweetie had ordered it from the bakery with my original name on it - it was even spelled right! It's the polish equvalent to Katherine or Katarina as it is in Sweden.
I also got some more presents. The best one was a daylight bulb! Now I will be able to take great pics in the evening/nights when I craft so keep a lookout for tutorials. Unfortunately it was broken so I have to get it exchanged tomorrow.

Have a great night and if you feel like shopping, Lacey at stamp and create  has a 25% off offer on all greeting farm stamps. She also has Kraftin' Kimmie and Whiff of joys. I just got myself a bunch...

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These are lovely photos of happy times! x Really nice to see x leigh x

La Vikinga said...

Nice pictures and you must have had a very nice day!

There's a different name on the cake, though? Are you originally from another country?

La Vikinga / Charlotta asks

scrappyjan said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! I am glad you had a great day!!!
By the way you are very very cute!!! LOVE THE HAIR DEAR..
hugs, Janiel


Good morning Katarina, wow what fabulous photos hunny and it was great to ready about your special birthday. I am so pleased you had a fabulous day. The photos are great, your hairdo really does suit you, and your rights its nice to put a face to the blog!! what a pretty face too. Hope your having a good week, big hugs Linda x

Sharon Caudle said...

Look at you! You're gorgeous! I don't know why you felt like you needed to hide! And I love your hair cut! thanks for sharing the pics, ladybug! Sounds like you had a glorious birthday!

Zetti said...

You look very nice and it look like an great b-day.
LG Andrea

sandra said...

I'm happy for you!!!
It seems like you had great time!!!
That's the spirit!!!

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