Thursday, 4 March 2010

More birthday mail

Wohoo, these past few days I've gotten FOUR lovely cards.
The first one is from Lynn in the US. Love the dekadent look of it and glitter! Don't you just love glitter?
Second card is from Maria in Norway. I really like the dryembossed and inked sentiment. The flower really makes the card stand out.
The inside is just as nice as the outside:

Third card is all the way from Australia. There were some really cute kangaroo postage stamps on the envelope. I've always wanted to go to Australia, it's my dreamplace no1. Maybe for my 40:th b-day? Love how different this card is. The sentiment is on vellum, the butterfly is embossed as is the background card. Just brilliant.
There was also a little giftie in there:

Last, but not least a card from Yara. We belong to the same house mouse yahoo group and have "known" eachother for years. I think I'm on some kind of birthday list of hers because every now and then I get a card out of the blue. Love the colours and the embossed panel. Think I have to "lift" (aka steal, lol) this layout. Really like how it's put together from different panels.

Thanks a lot ladies. I'm really happy for the cards. It brightens my day to get up and see envelopes on the floor in the hallway (we get our mail through a slot in the door)

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Juls said...

wow all of these are just gorgeous!! Hugs Juls

KarenB said...

Hi Katarina, I'm glad the card arrived safely and I'm glad you liked the little gift and the postage stamps too :)