Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pixie cottage easter jar.

A little bit late - or waaaay too early for easter gifts, but when I found out the theme of the week was "flower bonanza" at the pixie cottage I just had to go with these cute bunnies. All I know was I wanted to use them and some of my huge stash of flowers. I started feeling a bit guilty for buying so much and not using it so that was my starting point. I've been wanting to decorate a plain jar from jam or pickles or whatever it was it inhibited before :)

Here's the result. Seen from left to right. "Glad påsk" means "happy easter". Don't you just love that little bunny ribbon? I thoought of it while working on the flowers. Thought it was perfect. The little feathers was also one of the things laying around. Sometimes it pays off to work in a mess, lol. I got it years and years ago at a thriftstore and never used it until now. I'm so glad I'm using so much of my stash. Not only does it save me money, but it declutters so mcu and that's the best part!

Seen from above. I actually didn't notice until now that a flowerbundle is missing from the far right side. I found it on the floor when I went back inside (from photographing on the balcony) but didn't think about the fact that it was missing from the photos, lol.

Before I started I was wondering how to assemble the flowers as that is always the trickiest part I think. Here's how I solved it:
First I took bigger flowers and attached them with glue like this:
After that smaller ones in the spaces between. Attach them with 3D tape to make them stand up a bit.
Make the center flower by putting together 4-5 flowers in different sizes. Attach every one of them with 3D tape:
After that add different bling and pearls to the center of the flowers or do the budget one: add glitterglue/liquid pearls.

Add a ribbon around the lid's edge. I used glue because it allowed me to move the ribbon around a bit before drying, but you can use double sided tape if you prefer.

Cut a piece of patterned paper to fit the jar and attach with the same glue (that dries clear)
Embellish by adding text and coloured images and you have the prettiest gift in town. I'm planning to make a couple for my thriftstore and see if they sell. I'm sure they can get a little bit more than they would for that simple jar. This would be a great way to raise maney for your charity too.

We have a great sketch too on the blog so I hope you'll join us this week.
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DonnaMundinger said...

Oh so SWEET Katarina! Adorable bunny and you sure have an amazing stash of flowers! xxD

Love crafts forever said...

So cute jar. Thanks for tutorial.

Sandra said...

OH,, this is sooo cute!!! Wonderful idea!!

Love crafts forever said...

Thanks for the tutorial, very cute.

Anonymous said...

I can just see this cute jar filled with jelly beans.