Monday, 5 July 2010

First quilt project

A high-school friend of mine just gave birth to a daughter. We had been out of touch for 6-7 years until she contacted me over facebook. We started talking a little and I got really happy when she said she was pregnant as they had tried for over 2 years. Well, now the little baby is here and I thought I'd surprise her and the new daddy with a gift.

She's a rocker and always liked black, flames, skulls and such. I wanted to make a quilt like that, but didn't find fabrics that matched. Instead she said they had painted the room in Shrek-green and when I saw this line (love U by Deb Strain) I knew it was perfect. I've decided to make the quilt a little longer, so I'm making that by adding one coloured fabrics (that I won over a year ago not knowing how I would use it!) Here's what I'm thinking:

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Julia said...

That's a lovely colour scheme - look forward to seeing the finished product!!:0)

Conibaer said...

Looks gorgeous!!! Can´t wait to see the complete quilt! Your friend will be so happy - I´m sure!