Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sunny necklace

I'm such a bad blogger lately and I want to apologize to my readers (if you are still out there) I'm exploding with so many ideas I can't get my head around it. In my mind I'm already done with one project and want to go to the next. Unfortunately my hands aren't as fast. I guess that's why I have a bunch of hal-made projects laying around. But I must give myself some credit because I have finished some of them anyway.

Ok, so on this post I'd like to show you a long necklace I started on my vacation to Mallorca. It's made out of light yellow fresh water pearls and crackled beads. I like to bring something to do while my fiancée is showering or if we're just relaxing on the balcony. He loves to read, but I get bored after a while so I need something else to do. Unfortunately we had an afternoon sun on our balcony and it was way too warm to sit there so most of the times we were out on the beach. I didn't finish it until I got home, but I started it with a specific outfit in mind: (the white lei I have around my neck was something I got at a bar. It's not a part of the outfit) I really love this cottondress which I got at a thriftstore at 70% off. It's slightly too cold to wear here in Sweden, but was perfect for the 25degrees weather on Mallorca.

Here's the "horrific" view I had while showering:

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