Thursday, 30 September 2010

October blogcandy/giveaway

Denise - new candy up oct 1:st

*Marainne 1:st

*Liz 2:nd

*Michelle 2:nd

*Bev 4:th
Elisabeth 7:th

*Jane 7:th

Maria 7:th

Claudia 9:th

Milnie 9:th

Get picky 13:th

Leona 13:th

Theresa 13:th
Bec 14:th

Chris 14:th

Connie 14:th
Jacque 14:th

Karen 14:th

Malin 14:th

Papercraft star 14:th or when they reach 1000 followers, whichever is later
Bev 15:th

Di 16:th

Enfys 16:th

Guro 16:th

Claudia 17:th

Chelsea 17:th

Brenda 18:th

Rebekah 18:th

Debbie 18:th

Bonnie 19:th

Janet 20:th

Wendy 20:th

Rainmac 21:st

Jane 22:nd

Stampi 22:nd

Guro 23:rd

Minnamanna 23:rd
Enfys 24:th

Lisa 24:th
Maria 24:th

Tany 24:th

Jak 25:th

Samuel Taylors 25:th - only to UK residents

Jessica 28:th

Joey 28:th

Karber 29:th

ABC toys 30:th

Angelique 30:th -

Chrissy 30:th

Jude 30:th

Lisa 30:th -

Mandy 30:th

Marlene 30:th -

Michelle 30:th

Mindy 30:th

Sande 30:th

Stacy 30:th

Susie 30:th -

Vicky 30:th

Andrea 31:th

Mandy 31:st

Heidi - not sure when it ends

Nicky - when she reaches 100 followers

Peter - when he reaches 325 followers

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Guro said...

You were not to late :)
Good luck!!!

joey said...

thanks for entering my candy, good luck. Joey.x