Friday, 18 March 2011

Crochet hook cosy

I've been a little quiet lately due to an upcoming exam. I miscalculated and missed one extra chapter AND thought the exam was one week later so I've been studying hard (kind of surprised myself since I always do it last minute. This time I did not want to have the exam-anxiety though)

So I realized I have a few things that I haven't showed you yet that I made a while back.

Today I want to show you my custom made, selfdesigned and self-sewn crochet hook cosy. It's the same type I used for the pencilholders I made for my fiancées niece and nephew. I'm thinking about making a tutorial for it so if there is any interest let me know (or if you would like to buy a custom made one by me)

It holds up to 14 crochethooks ranging from size 8 I think to very small (you can have multiple smaller hooks/pocket) It has a flap on top so the hooks don't fall out and you keep it closed by rolling the cosy and tieing it with a strap that's attached to the edge.

I'm superproud of this one as it's totally customdesigned for my hooks. I used a thinner batting which I quilted following the circle-pattern of the fabric. I made a bias-tape using a matching smallprinted fabric. Did you notice how I matched the circular pattern on the flap and front fabric? I think it looks soooo good. Too bad I don't crochet that much, but at least my hooks are resting in style :)

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Samantha said...

FANTASITC! can I have one pretty please? hugs Samantha :0) tehehhee

Ellen said...

Oooh, so very nice, and this was so smart way to solve the "pencil-problems" too:)
Wish you a beautiful day♥.
'hugs, Ellen

Larisa said...

Great keeper) Love this idea! The fabric is so beautiful )