Saturday, 11 June 2011

Def Leppard, Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy concert Dublin, Ireland

Sorry for being abscent my friends. My mojo has been gone lately and in the beginning of the week I went to Dublin for a romantic getaway and to see a concert. It was four hours of pure bliss. First an hour with Thin Lizzy, then an hour with Alice and finally a spectacular two hour show with Def Leppard. This was my third Alice concert and first DF and TL. It was slightly strange that Thin Lizzy and Alice were the warm up bands :D

I got some fab pictures that I'm very proud of. Enjoy!

Thin Lizzy (in case you didn't see their sign)

Alice Cooper:
No more mr nice guy

Cold Ethel:

Def Leppard:

Singing one of my favourite ballads:

Here we didn't sing loud enough and they asked us if this was all we got...After asking if Belfast were better (where they had played the night before) the roof lifted, lol. Nothing like some good old competition.

Not bad for a standard digital camera with a 12x zoom, huh? Although I was standing as fourth person from the stage for the first two sets. I almost got some fake blood on me that they threw from the stage during the Alice gig:)

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Lisa said...

great picks! :P

Heidi said...

Fantastic, that looks like my kind of night out. Completely wild and wonderful. Great piccies. Heidi x