Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pointillism colouring

I don't have a card for you this week - instead I would like to show you a new colouring technique. Unfortunately I can't take credit for it which makes me a bit annoyed that I couldn't come up with it. The reason is because it derives from an arttechnique called pointillism and having an education in arthistory, well, you get the idea.

Pointillism is a technique where tiny dots of colour are put next to eachother and form an image. It's mainly associated with an artist called Seurat that used this way of painting at the end of the 19:th century.

The principle of this technique with stamping is the same as you would use when colouring in your usual fashion. In fact to make it easier you could have two of the same image and colour one of them the way you usually do. This way you will see where the shades will be.

For my image I used two or three shades of the same colour. The image I used is from Elaine Cox and it's called Kimono lantern fairy from sweetpea stamps

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