Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Amigurumi Smellie the ellie

Amigurumi tiny elephant

Hi, how fun of you to stop by this blog today. My name is Smellie (the ellie) Yes, I know, it is a bit corny, but I like making people laugh and happy so it was perfect for me. Soon I'm going to live with a lady that needs support to quit smoking. I'm sure I will be able to smell if she has been smoking and if I do that I'm going to trumpet as loudly as I can. And if that doesn't help I'm going to complain that I smell like smoke - yuck! So in all ways I hope my name will help her out.

Amigurumi tiny elephant

I was crocheted by Katarina after a pattern made by Irene. Aren't I the cutest? I measure about 10cm (4") and I'm only 5cm (2") tall. No wonder I'm afraid of mice.

Amigurumi tiny elephant

Here's my super cute braided tail. Escaping from the camera is quite fun.

Amigurumi tiny elephant

Oops, I've been running around so much I made myself dizzy :)

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Vicky said...

This is sooooooo cute think I will have a go at making a few of these for my grandchild....after crimbo that is lol. Love the colours.

Also wanted to say incase I dont get chance after today I just want to wish you & your family hun a magical christmas & all the very best for 2012 hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Karina said...

He's the cutest, Katarina! Love him! So lovely colours. I crochet as well from time to time, already made some small bears. Guess I have to share it on my blog as well one day :o). I hope he will help this lady to quit smoking.. the best what she can do! Stopped it as well a bit more than a year now and I feel much better without.
Big hugs, Karina

divine lifestyle said...

very nice and sweet :)