Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crocheted doxie

Amigurumi dachshund

Can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. So long ago that even blogger changed their posting look. I have made a couple of things in fabric and yarn, just haven't felt like blogging and showing you. Not sure if I have any readers left after ditching you, so if you're there give me a holler. My excuse is that I was on a 2 weeks vacation to Thailand for my 30:th birthday, only 2 years too late. I couldn't go on my 30:th so it has taken 2 years to get there. I came back 3 weeks ago and haven't felt like crafting since then. The experience was so amazing it kind of lingered after I got home and I've been walking in a haze since then :)

Amigurumi dachshund

I have a few things to show you still and today I would like to show you a tiny doxie I made for my mum as a Christmasgift. We had a flatcoated one just like this when I grew up. We both loved that dog to pieces and I knew my mum would love this gift (which she did as it brought tears to her eyes). I made it following a pattern from a book I got for myself at Christmas. It's written by a woman called Mitsuki Hoshi and there are a lot of different dogbreeds. I must say that the pattern was a bit hard to follow mainly because it isn't written step by step how to increase/decrease. It can say for instance: from 24 sts increase to 30. I found it a bit tidious having to figure out where and how many increasing stitches there would be. The result of the poochie is amazing, so I'm glad I stuck with it, but it was not my favourite pattern, let's just leave it at that.

I got my eyes with washers on the back which worked perfectly, since the washers are bigger they made these arched eyebrows that dachshunds have. The washers for the nose were almost too big, but it worked ok. I guess I could have cut them down a bit. I got my supplies from a girl at etsy called Clara which I really recommend. If you need a special listing, just ask. She made a special mix for me since I didn't know what sizes I needed. Will shop there again when my supplies run out.

Amigurumi dachshund

Amigurumi dachshund

Bye for now from little old me.

Hannah, the pattern is from a book with different breeds of dogs, but I haven't tried any of the other ones. The book is by Mitsuki Hoshi.

preschool toys, thanks for the compliment. I don't remember how long it took me to finish it as I tend to take long breaks in between my projects, but a couple of hours. It's quite small so the biggest timeconsumer was attaching the little parts together.

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Hannah said...

This is so cute. Can you make other types of dogs, too?

Birdy said...

A beautiful blog is running here.

preschool toys said...

It is creative and strong that you can make the Crochet doxie so good.How long you make one?