Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wedding invitation samples

It's been forever since I blogged and although I haven't made any cards except for some Christmascards last year I'm keeping busy with crafting. Sewing, crocheting and even cross stitching lately. Everything at once of course so nothing is finished :D

Hopefully this long break from blogging is over now. I know how much you've missed me and I wouldn't want to disappoint you again ;) I've also freshened up my blog for this fresh start in blogland - I hope you like it.

Right now I'm in panicmode with making invitations for a friend's wedding. I have the design made and they both think it is beautiful. Now I just need to get my butt out of the wagon and make 30 of them. Deadline: sometime next week. If you don't know this about me yet you will soon learn that I work best under pressure. Who needs to be done on time when you can swoosh in a minute before deadline? I like to live dangerously.

When I was going to make samples for the weddingcouple I only got the colorscheme: white, amethyst and silver. As neither of them are cardmakers they had no ideas about what the invitations should look like. I was all on my own. The place looked like an absolute mayhem when I was done with my samples (more than usual I might add). All because I had so many ideas. I wanted to show them all possible options. Funnily enough they both went for the card I made first (which meant I hadn't had to make the other ones until 4 in the morning, haha)

So here are the ones that didn't make it. The one they chose I will show you at a later date. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for the people that are invited in case any of them find their way here.

Crown die from quickutz' "flirt" alphabet pack
Embossing folders: left one from cuttlebug and the right one unknown (think it's from an english maker)

Stamp from reprint. 

I cut out the heart and played around with the idea of having the text on the inside show through or add a panel with the couple's initials.

Here are some other ideas I played around with:
So none of these got chosen. Aren't you curious about what the invitations will look like? Stay tuned.

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