Friday, 13 May 2016

Vintage flower necklace

Vintage flower necklace beads

Allow me to show you another necklace I have made. I'm very much into this style of jewelrymaking lately where you use metalwire to connect the beads together.

Vintage flower necklace

This time I have used crackeled- glass- and waxbeads together with some metal flowers, beadcaps and tiny beads. 

Vintage flower necklace

Although the necklace is big enough to fit over your head, I decided to use a clasp in case you have a big hairdo and don't want to risk messing it up.

Vintage flower necklace clasp
Clasp: opened, front and backside.

I really love the vintage feel of this necklace. Greys and soft lilac tones together with creamcolored beads. I also love the silvercolored metalpieces with the black details.
What do you think?

Detail of the hanging pendant part.

 The necklace is about 70cm + 12cm for the dangling piece.
This necklace is for sale and will be available as soon as I've made enough pieces to put in the shop either on etsy or zibbet. 
If you're interested you can snag it right away.
Just email me (details in the "about me" link top right)

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