Thursday, 18 August 2016

My first finished quilt ever. Happy 1:st birthday baby Alicia!

Baby quilt Deb Strain moda fabric Love U

 Ta daaaa!
(Just took 7+ years, but that's not bad in crafteryears is it?)

I thought it wouldn't take quite that long and the top part actually came together quite fast (sewing colorful squares together is so much fun). But then quilting the whole thing together - the sewingmachine eating the fabric and the bulk of it all...Nightmare! And apparently the soft minky fabric I used for the back is a known nightmare to work with and not recommended for newbies. Of course that I learned after I was almost done with the quilt :D 
You live, you learn, right? 

Baby quilt Deb Strain moda fabric Love U

Last year I made a big cleanout in my craftingcorner. I gave away lots of new things I'd never used and decided to give my unfinished projects a one year deadline. If they slip down my prioritylist and are still in the same stage one year later - off they go. 

Just deciding on this state of mind kicked me into gear and I started taking on the task of this quilt that had been laying around for years. I already had the whole front sewn together and the backing and wadding already bought. The only thing that was left to do was to quilt it all together and finish off with a border. Shouldn't be that hard, right? wasn't that easy especially as I still had my old mechanical sewingmachine from the 70-ies in trendy orange and brown, haha.
I had to take out stitches every now and then - probably around 40% of the time, but it was worth it in the end. No point in spending that much time on a piece and then making a bad job finishing it.

Baby quilt Deb Strain moda fabric Love U

 The way I quilted it was to make a straight stitch along the onecolored panels. Then I followed the edge of every other square alternating like a brickwork. It was enough to hold everything in place. The final part was to handstitch the green dotted fabric to the edges. 

Baby quilt Deb Strain moda fabric Love U

The night before I decided to customize the quilt so I drew and handembroidered a monogram to the right lower corner. 

Baby quilt Deb Strain moda fabric Love U

This quilt was a gift for baby Alicia's Christening last year. I can't believe she is already one year old today!

Happy, happy birthday to the cutest little baby I know!

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