Friday, 26 December 2008

Last Christmas card

I made this card for a sketch challenge a while ago but forgot to show you. I put up the photos on a post, saved it and wanted to write a little bit about it later, before I posted it. I forgot I have made the blog post it automatically today on the 26:th, lol. I'm glad you liked it and I thank you for all the kind words.

I've had a calm, slightly boring Christmas. I'm hoping New year's will be better. I will be spending New Year at home so that will be an improvement. I just like my home so much and I miss my crafttable. After these months of making so many cards I'm feeling abstinent :)

I've brought a couple of things to try out for the whimsy stamps DT call, but I don't think I will make it on time :( I miss my workspace and don't have much inspiration or energy. Maybe later today...the deadline is tomorrow, so we'll see.

One thing I'm very excited about are all the sales! My two closest stores are having sales and since I didn't get anything crafty for Christmas I'm going to splurge.

By the way, all of you who have shown interest in the hÄnglar I have for sale: I thought I'd photograph the ones I have and will put it up in an album and link from here. I'll try to do this the week after new year's. I think I have about 5 stamps for sale. I thought I'd also ask if there is any interest in Magolias (fairly priced for about 70sek)?


Rina said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Katarina and many warm holiday blessings to you and your family!

God Bless~

The Vannoy Family said...

Cute, cute, cute card! I really like your style! Thanks for sharing!

migot77 said...

Dla Ciebie:

Niech się spełnią świąteczne życzenia,
te łatwe i trudne do spełnienia.
Niech się spełnią te duże i te małe,
te mówione głośno lub wcale.
Niech się spełnią te wszystkie krok po kroku,
niech się spełnią w Nowym Roku !

Rodzinnego ciepła , radości i dużo tej wspaniałej świątecznej magii !!!

Pozdrawiam ....