Monday, 6 April 2009

Sewing and quilting

I'm so glad I named my blog "the confessions of a crafter" and not "stamper" since I keep jumping around in crafts. I guess I'm impatient because my latest addiction is...
quilting. Well, maybe not quilting, but sewing.

After buying a couple of Tilda fabrics (that I showed you before) I have been really eager to sew a square patterned bag. Kind of like the blue doggie card I made: different patterned squares put into one.
So my friend in the US knows how to quilt and I tried to pick her brain, but it's hard writing and explaining some things. Although she did a great job because I understood everything. I hope she did too, lol.

Anyhow, I went to a big sewingstore a bit outside town to buy some pieces of fabrics for my small projects and there they had a good price on a cutting mat, rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler. So I picked them up (and a whole bunch of fabrics.) Aren't they just lovely? I actually got a comment from a customer that the fabrics I had chosen made her happy and cheerful.

This is the cutting"mat" and rollerknife and ruler I had before. I think it will be sliiightly easier having a bigger mat that I don't have to move the fabric on all the time.

I actually tried the mat, ruler and cutter yesterday when I needed to make a hem on a small skirt. It was so much fun! I already know how to cut straight lines. Now I just need to learn the rest of it and I'll be quilting squarebags in notime :)

Here's what I had in mind:

Tildas vänner quiltbag
Buttonberry tote bag

No wonder I never get around to buying the nestabilities and stamps I want. But now they are actually on sale, so I HAVE to pick them up before they go out of stock again...

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