Friday, 16 October 2009

Contest and my latest candy

Don't know if there will be a card today since I have an exam again on monday. Eeek! It probably will be anyway, can't stay away since I study on the table next to my craftyinvaded one :) But I have to limit my cardmaking to 1 hour. The card I made yesterday "only" took me an hour (without the colouring) Sheesh, I'm not very timeeffective, am I? LOL.

The designteam of sweetpea stamps have gotten a challenge: to make a card with the colours yellow, red and blue. It was quite the challenge! Who did what is a secret and now YOU can go and vote for your favourite (click the link above and vote on the sidebar. There are 5 cards to choose from).
The voting closes at the end of the month. I can't say which is mine, but I can tell you this: the winner will get to choose one free sheet from sweet pea stamps and if I win I'll have it as candy. Now you just need to figure out which is my card. I can tell you it's yellow, red and blue ;)

Speaking of candy:

I need to brag a little about one of my candies that I won. It's my first Sugar Nellies! I'm so happy about that because now I will be able to enter the sugarbowl blog challenges. I want to order some sugar nellies, but all that shopping takes so much time. What to buy...decisions, decisions :) Don't you love the little owls? I have just ordered an owlstamp and have an uninked one at home. I'm sure it will be a lOWLy card, haha. Ok, now I've blabbed too much. Off to study.

See ya

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