Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A couplpe of more cards for my b-day

I've gotten a couple of more cards for my b-day. I will announce the candywinners tomorrow when I have written up everyone's names. If you have sent me a card and don't see it posted HERE, then please e-mail me to ensure I enclose you in the special draw.

Today I've been busy making my last card for the whiff of joy challenge blog. I actually almost forgot, but don't tell anyone ;) The medication I'm on is making me a bit unfocused. I normally keep a calendar in my head, but lately I'm missing appointments and forget what I just thought of. Very frustrating. I have decided however that it won't take over my hobby so I'm fighting for it. I've been a bad DT member for sweetpea stamps, so now I will focus my cardmaking on that instead.

There is a fab new release coming soon and I've been asked by Lynette (the owner of sweet pea) to make a card for the new release. Can't wait to play with it. These stamps are so addictive! I just got a huge package the other day with 3+sheets and started inking one of them up. I'm so proud of the idea I came up with. The project just needs to lay on my table for a while, mature and tell me what else I should do with it ;) I'm sure you'll be impressed, I know I was. Never thought I could come up with something like that. Oooh, now I got your hopes up. Don't expect too much, ok? :D

Enough with my babbling. I'm sure you came here for the pics, not the text.
Here are some more cards I've gotten today and friday:

This one is from my friend Sharon. I'm sooo glad I bought this stamp and it arrived a week earlier, otherwise I would've been so jealous. I just love this stamp! Don't know how to use it, but I already have bought a frog-die and saved some ribbon with frogfeet on it. I love her fab colouring and the colourchoice. I never would've thought to mix lime with brown, but it looks so good, don't you think? Oh, the inside says:"then hop on over to this side of 29!" I thought it was so sweet since I've been feeling a bit old *blush* The inside is fab decorated too in the same style.

This one is from Irina in Russia. It got to me in time Irina. That was fast! Love the cheery colour and the different size of her card. I also love how she used mulberry paper for the background. It really looks like a bouquet in wrapping paper seen from above, don't you agree? The flowers are made in 3D, some stand out more than others. Fab card, although I can't read what it says. I will figure it out although I'm a bit rusty. Just learned the russian alphabet on my own.

Last card - a very surprising one - is from another woman I know from one of my house mouse yahoo groups. I must be on her birthday list as I have not been active on that list for years. Just love the bright cheery colours. You can really see how the mice are basking in the sun. Love the usage of stickers. I have way too many that I never use as I'm sure you have to.

Last a card I got last week or even earlier, but it hid on the side of my bookshelf. Naughty naughty. I got some great images with it too. It's from Monika in Germany. I love the elegant look of this and the style of the saying. A bit of bling doesn't hurt ;)

Hope you're having a great crafting day and thank you for stopping by.

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DZMania said...

Beautiful cards! Those with frogs is so funny :) And card in Russian says "Happy birthday!"

Sharon Caudle said...

I'm so glad you got it, Katarina!! Hope you're doing well and enjoying life! Big hugs to you!!