Monday, 22 March 2010

Knitting help anyone?

I haven't forgotten about you. Just busy crafting. I started knitting a cupcake today. Forgot to change yarns for the top and had to unravel it and do 2/3 all lover again. Sigh. Hopefully I will be able to finish it today or tomorrow.

I've also started on a lacey vest, but hit a snag. For some reason the stitches don't add up. There is a big "NOTE" section on the pattern, but I don't get it. It says:

when working lace pattern from chart, do NOT work an increase unless there are sufficient stitches to work the corresponding decrease so that the number of stitches remain constant (except where shaping occurs) You may find it helpful to place markers on needle at the edge of side pattern repeats and work stitches beyond these markers in stockinette stitch moving markers in (or out) as required.

Now, what the djuce does that mean?! In the beginning it says to cast on 99 stitches and work in st sts that I have. And the lacey pattern on the chart looks like this:
*yo, k1, yo, sl1k1psso, k3, k2tog, 12times, then:
yo, k1, yo

It all counts to 99 stitches, but the problem is that it leaves me with 2 stitches left on the left needle. Should I have started and ended with a knit stitch? I can't figure this out and my local yarnshop is closed on mondays so I have to wait until tuesday!

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Kat said...

Looks like you should have a knit stitch at each end on the right side. But....what is the wrong side row? Is it just in purl or is it in pattern. I think if you do a knit stitch at each end of the right side row you will end up with 101 stitches and to keep your number of stitches constant you need to decrease back down to 99. Yeah it is strange. Sounds as if the instructions could be clearer lol!!

Kat x

irinka said...

I used to kneet, but don't remember anything. Quit kneeting because it takes too long to see end result of the project