Saturday, 24 April 2010

Jubilee card and some candy I got

Ok, so now the big reveal to show you the card I made for my aunt in law's 70:th birthday. As you might have read my mother-in-law asked for a card for everyone to "ooh and aaah" over so I felt a bit of pressure...You might think it should've been 5 times better than my usual cards as it took 5 times longer to make it. I think it's very pretty and one of my best yet, but maybe not 5 times better ;) I love the slightly vintage look and I made her hair grey to suit a 70-year old. The stamps are sooo wonderful. I couldn't resist getting them and they are one of my favs for sure. I got mine at stamp and create.
I wish I would've taken closer pictures and not so much from above. The right hand photo is when the sun was shining, hence the yellow shade. I'm really proud of how I used the image since I almost always have it as a focal point and white paper around. Here I cut her out and mounted with 3D tape and made the oval rose in the middle the main point.

Grattis - meaning "congrats":

Her name cut out with a qk 4x8" alphabet called Rollerskate. It's cut out in green cardstock and then I added glitterglue "stardust".

 Top right corner has some tags with her age made the same way as her name:

 Flowers from prima's tubes. Got like 20 of them a couple of months ago and haven't used them much. I originally wanted to add more flowers but they either overshadowed her name or the butterfly so I went with one big instead. I wanted it to be even bigger, but didn't have any bigger flowers. For someone that has silly dies like a pitchfork I don't even have any good flower ones...Punches are so expensive here and to ship from the US and qk don't have any pretty ones.

I struggled with the card for a few days and while I left it to think about what it had done (when it was being naughty and messing with me) I made two bookmarks since she loves to read. The ladies come from a 12x12" sheet with different bathing beauties. I just cut them out and laminated them with that plastic you get at bookstores. So easy and they make a great gift. The tassels I had for ages. I've actually been using up a lot of my own stash because as much fun as it is shopping new things I don't have THAT much space (or money for that matter) After a while when you've hamstered a while you tend to forget things you have and when you find them again it's like shopping again, only better, because this time it's free, lol.

 I also want to show you some candy I got from cuddly buddly's  weekly draw. Aren't they too cute? I really won the right week I must say.

Hope you've enjjoyed my project and you're not too disappointed. Before I leave you I want to show you what my place looked after a frantic cardmaking session for 48 hours. It's not like it was supertidy before, but it was definately: "have-people-over-esque". I judge how tidy it is on if I would invite people over. If the answer is yes, then it's tidy enough, if no, then it's time to procrestinate some more :D
So before you feel all guilty for not doing neccessary things, aka BORING, take a look at this and take comfort in the fact that it could be worse (or if your place looks the same: you're not alone!)

 Here's the floor where I use my cuttlebug. All other tables are full...

 And finally here is the "huge" space I worked on after covering all tables. It barely fits a 6x6" card. It's a wonder I pulled it off without any glue or glitterstains on the card.

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Stampin Mindy said...

Super cute card, love all the pearls and bling. Hugs!

WickedPixie said...

You are a brave woman! Thanks so much for letting me know I am not alone! :-)Traci

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh, Katarina! Your craft room looks just like MINE! Every available surface covered and no room to walk. LOL Your card is beautiful! love the colors and the vintage feel. that Kimmie stamp is just too cute and the coloring is perfect! Definitely has the WOW factor! xxD P.S. I thought of you yesterday. We went to see "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and loved it! My mother was of Swedish ancestry. Would love to visit some day.

Anne said...

LOL It seems like we are form the same family ;) Really good to see those pictures =)

Hugs, Anne