Sunday, 18 April 2010

A wonderful gift

I've been so lucky. The other day I got a wonderful gift from Julia - the woman that sewed me that Tilda doll for last year's easter swap. It was out of the blue. I took pics just when I opened it, but can't find them now, so took new ones. Unfortunately I couldn't photograph the 400g chocolate that was included because...well...there's not much left of it, lol. There was also a big Miranda bear card. I really have to go through the pics and see if I can find them. Will have to do it when I'm in less pain though as sitting by the computer hurts more.

Anyhow, here's the wonderful gift she gave me. It's a pouch to hang in the wardrobe with rose potpurri. I'm usually quite sensitive to potpurri scents, but this smells wonderful! Fresh like real roses. One side has an embroidered heart and flowers and the other one a fabric heart. It's held together at the top with a silky cord and attached to an iron heart hanger. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Thank you so much Julia. Sending big hugs and kisses your way.

I've been having a really bad week with a lot of pain, but yesterday I got a couple of hours where I sewed a little. I got these pre-cut squares that are from a Basic Grey line. I was over the moon when I found it. I had no idea you could get BG lines in fabrics! I plan to make a little bag/holder for my quilting mat and the knife/roller. The only problem is that after I was done sewing the squares together the seams "bubbled". I remember reading somewhere on the net how to sew squares together. I couldn't find it so I did like it said in a quiltingbook I have and what has worked before: I first sewed the horisontal squares together. And then when they where 4 strips I added those together. Any ideas on how I should've done it? I've been pressing the seams, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm thinking about re-doing it, but I need to know how to make it differently so I don't make the same mistake twice. You can click the pics to get a bigger image.

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Sharon Caudle said...

I'm with you, I had no idea you could get BG in fabrics! How awesome is that?! I'm not a quilter, Katarina, so I can't help you with your question, but hopefully someone will be able to. So sorry you're having such a tough time, sweetie! Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

Sheree said...

Love the fabric patterns and colours!

Sheree said...

Another quick note...
In answer to your question regarding the seams.. I always check the tension settings on my machine prior to sewing. The way to test the bobbin on the old sewing machines is to load the bobbin, hold the thread and let the bobbin hang. If the bobbin doesn't fall it's too tight. If the bobbin falls immediately then it's too loose. If it falls gradually it's perfect! To adjust this there's a screw on the outside of the bobbin housing.
After looking at the picture I'm wondering if your stitches are too close together. Another thing to try is... always press your seams one way and not split. Press towards the darkest colour if possible. Other than those ideas I would steam and stretch at the same time.
Hope that helps somewhat!